From Community Building to Growth: A Case Study of Glue Up with ENAR

People speaking during the European Association Summit.

Thursday 27/04/2023 | 12:45-13:00 | Plenary room

Join us for an insightful case study on Glue Up, an all-in-one association management platform that helps you build and grow your community through events, memberships, and other digital tools.  

In this session, Kseniia from Glue Up will be joined by Kim Smouter, Director General at European Network Against Racism, to discuss how Glue Up has helped ENAR to streamline their community building and achieve real growth. During this session, you will hear first-hand how Glue Up has helped ENAR simplify their event management, improve their membership engagement, and increase their digital outreach. You will also learn how ENAR has leveraged the platform's robust features and integrations to create a seamless experience for their members.

Keynote speaker: Kseniia Farkas
Panel: Kim Smouter