The Future Speaks: Insights from Young Association Leaders on the Sessions of the Day

People speaking during the European Association Summit.

Thursday 27/04/2023 |  16:30 -17:00 | Plenary room

Wrapping up the first day of the European Association Summit 2023, some of the session moderators and the NextGen association leaders will share their key takeaways, new insights and further reflections on how these insights can be applied in practice. 


  • Marco Baldoli – EAS2023 NextGen Association Leader; Secretary General of European Federation of Rice Millers (FERM); Secretary General for TomatoEurope; Executive Director of European Potash Producers Association (APEP). Senior Association Manager, Kellen 

  • Isabella Beck Jørgensen – EAS2023 NextGen Association Leader; Communications Manager, Kellen 

  • Benita Lipps - Women Who Advance Associations (WWAA); Head of DGA Association Management Practice; Partner at Dentons Global Advisors (DGA) 

Announcer: Lydia Pernal-Stoddart – EAS2023 NextGen Association Leader; Communications Manager, Council of European Top-Level Domain Registries (CENTR)