Looking Forward: Reflecting on and Key Takeaways from EAS2023

People speaking during the European Association Summit.

Friday 28/04/2023 |  15:30 -16:00 | Plenary room

The closing session will provide one last interactive moment with all participants. Through an interactive word cloud exercise speakers, moderators and participants will be invited to reflect on and share their EAS2023 key takeaways.  

Laurence Reichelt, Manager Industry Coordination at visit.brussels, will provide some final insights on the significance of EAS2023 within the broader context of visit.brussels' ample offerings for associations. Her closing remarks will highlight the critical challenges and opportunities identified during the event, as well as shed some light on its exciting plans for the future of the international and European associations community in Brussels.


  • Marco Baldoli – EAS2023 NextGen Association Leader; Secretary General of European Federation of Rice Millers (FERM); Secretary General for TomatoEurope; Executive Director of European Potash Producers Association (APEP). Senior Association Manager, Kellen

  • Isabella Beck Jørgensen – EAS2023 NextGen Association Leader; Communications Manager, Kellen

  • Laurence Reichelt – Manager, Industry Coordination, visit.brussels

Announcer: Lydia Pernal-Stoddart – EAS2023 NextGen Association Leader; Communications Manager, Council of European Top-Level Domain Registries (CENTR)