Mentorship Matters: Empowering the Future of Associations

Woman speaking during the European Association Summit.

Thursday 27/04/2023 | 11:30 - 12:30 | Plenary room

During this session the panel will delve into the importance of mentorship in developing the next generation of association professionals and share real-world examples from diverse industries and association types.

This session will explore the impact that mentorship can have on personal and professional growthand how it can help bridge the skills gap in the association world. Our panelists will share their own experiences with mentorship, highlighting the challenges and opportunities of both being a mentor and a mentee. They know how mentorship can drive innovation, promote diversity, and create a culture of continuous learning and improvement within associations.

Moderated by Andrea Bardyn
Panel: Joyce Dogniez, Sophie Charrois, Susan West, Jessica J.J. Lutz