Sustainable at Heart: Empowering Association's Sustainability Practices

People speaking during the European Association Summit.

Friday 28/04/2023 |  09:30 - 10:30| Plenary room

The expert panel will explore sustainability both from an Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) and lifecycle perspective, with a focus on concrete examples from the events world and beyond.

During this hands-on session, our panelists will discuss the importance of sustainability in associations and share practical tips on how to make it a priority. We will delve into the role of ESG and explore how associations can create sustainable strategies for their organisations by considering the impact on the environment, society, and corporate governance.

In addition, our panelists will share real-world examples of successful sustainability initiatives and discuss how these can be adapted to fit the unique needs of different associations. They will also discuss the importance of taking a lifecycle approach to sustainability and share tips on how to make sustainable choices throughout an association's operations.

Moderated by Johanna Roodt
Panel: Charlotte Otten-Gleissner, Will Surman, Georgios Kostakos, Sven Bossu, Pauline Benoît