City Play (urban rally)

Boulevard du Souverain 24, 1170 Watermael-Boitsfort - 

(Re)discover the city in a new way thanks to a fun and entertaining urban rally and strengthen your team spirit as you go! Using a tablet as a guide, a game console and a camera, teams must navigate to various points indicated on a map of the city to take up challenges. Fun quizzes, timed questions, creative challenges and organisational questions. The team with the best score wins a reward and the activity is concluded in style, over a drink.

Virtual Room

Rue de l’escalier, 16, 1000 BRU-

If you are looking to encourage communication and cooperation between participants, Virtual Room is the first virtual reality experience designed specifically with this in mind. The missions require genuine collaboration, reflection, cooperation and even stress management. Thanks to an optimal reception capacity and modern facilities, you'll have a fun experience in a pleasant atmosphere. The space can be booked privately and several options are available. 

The Park

Boulevard Anspaach,24, 1000 BRU -

Embark on a full-blown Virtual Reality experience with your colleagues. Armed with a lightweight backpack, VR goggles and a futuristic weapon, you can work as a team or compete against each other. Explore the VR game in a 200m² open area and complete a daunting mission.

Futurist Games

Boulevard de l’Empereur, 16, 1000 BRU-

Comment quitter Bruxelles sans quitter la capitale ? En prévoyant une activité dans le centre virtuel et futuriste pour partir à l’aventure en équipe. Pour une exploration de l’espace ou une visite des fonds marins, pour faire monter l’adrénaline en marchant au-dessus d’un gratte-ciel à Manhattan, n’hésitez pas à puiser des idées dans le catalogue d’activités du Futurist Games. Envie d’une pause après toutes ces aventures ? profitez également de l’espace lounge pour vous désaltérer.