Marbles - Gertjan Adema (NL)


Gertjan Adema has been working as a light artist since 2018. His works have been presented at many festivals. For his kinetic installation he uses toys to create a meditative and playful atmosphere. The repetition in geometry and its gradual alienation plays an essential role in his works. It is, therefore, no coincidence that some of his works are closely related to dance and choreography.

His Marbles installation plays with repetition in geometry and with the movement of an orbiting marble. It is structured, supported by the soundscape and the light pattern drawn by the trajectory of the marble. The artist believes light to be a means of making art accessible to all.

This work was made possible by the municipality of Zwolle, with the help of the “Zwolle Culture and Quality Committee”

> Address: Leopold Park, 1000 Brussels

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