Timelaps - Rencontres Audiovisuelles (FR)


Timelaps is a visual ode to the history of the Schaerbeek town hall. It traces the important moments in its history, from its construction to its current renaissance. The mapping starts with a nostalgic atmosphere, with the construction of the town hall in the 1890s, its unique architectural features and its place in the Schaerbeek community. The highlights, both happy and tragic, of this building over the years follow. You will experience the fire of the town hall in 1978. Fortunately, its history does not end there. The mapping ends with the magnificent rebirth of the building, which has been restored and renovated to become a place of meeting and celebration for the community.

Direction : Hamza MRABET - Rencontres Audiovisuelles

> Address: place Colignonplein, 1030 Schaerbeek

> Website: https://www.rencontres-audiovisuelles.org/