From Art Nouveau to contemporary architecture, discover Brussels with style

19 September 2022
architecture bruxelles événements

We travel through the city every day, on foot, by bus or by bike and we think we know it like the back of our hand. But this doesn’t account for the myriad architectural surprises that Brussels has in store as we travel along its avenues. Architecture is on everyone's lips in October and several major events offer you the opportunity to unleash your inner urban explorer and traverse the capital’s various architectural eras (Art Nouveau, Art Deco, neoclassicism and contemporary architecture). With guided tours of private homes, conferences and performing arts, there are countless activities that allow visitors to enjoy the wealth of Brussels' architectural heritage. Here is an overview of the major events.


Neoclassic Revival

Neoclassical architecture is omnipresent in Brussels, yet it remains less well known than its Art Nouveau or Art Deco cousins. Fortunately, the Brussels Biennale - Neoclassic (BBN) increases the visibility of this remarkable architectural style. For its second edition, in addition to the Palace of Charles of Lorraine – which is the flagship of the genre – the BBN takes its visitors underneath the incredible glass roofs of Ernest Salu's studio in Laeken, into the elegant maze of the Maison des Arts and the ceremonial rooms of the Cercle Royal Gaulois. Several guided walks also offer itineraries that take in the facades of a neighbourhood  to discover the neoclassical chateaux and abbeys of Baroque and Classical Brussels. This event is ideal for (re)discovering Brussels’ architectural gems and understanding their contemporary nature. 

When? Du 01.10.22 > 09.10.22

Where? Several places in Brussels 




architecture néoclassique bruxelles façade

ARTONOV Festival : Freeing Architecture

Taking a fresh look at architecture, particularly Art Nouveau and Art Deco, is the challenge that the ARTONOV Festival has taken up since its creation in 2014. For its eighth edition, called "Freeing Architecture", many interdisciplinary performances will take place in unusual places such as the Maison Louis Tenaerts, the large Narthex of the RMAH, the Brasserie Surréaliste, the Vanhaerents Art Collection and the offices of architects Philippe Samyn and partners. Come and discover the fascinating choreographies of Bintou Dembele and Isabella Soupart, the bewitching sounds of Thomas Bloch's glass harmonica, Aya Suzuki's minimalist interpretation of Tom Johnson, a luminous creation by Ofer Smilansky and the surprising encounter between Japanese Noh and Baroque music.

When ? 08.10.22 > 16.10.22

Where? Several places in Brussels



Festival Artonov 2020 - Bruxelles Art nouveau

Archiweek 2022 : Brussels is mine

Organised by Urban Brussels over the course of a week, Archiweek puts a welcome spotlight on contemporary architecture in the Brussels Region. The highly committed architects of the firm BC will curate this promising event, which invites us to question the material resources available in our region and the way they are used. During the weekend of 22 and 23 October, a wonderful selection of guided tours will allow visitors to cross the threshold of around 20 remarkable contemporary creations. In addition, open days at architectural agencies, workshops, conferences, family workshops, bike rides, performances, debates, exhibitions and many other activities will be available to everyone for free during this week dedicated to architecture!

when ? 15.10.22 > 23.10.22 

Where? Several places in Brussels



Architecture brutaliste bruxelles contemporain

Some exhibitions not to be missed

  • Vanished studios. Artisans in their homes
    With Vanished Studios Artisans in their homes, Autrique House hosts the incredible heritage of the artists' studios in its neighbourhood. After the exhibition, the museum offers a walk through the surrounding streets to discover every facet of this creative breeding ground, from the old Art Deco premises of glass painter Florent-Prosper Colpaert to the sgraffiti of the old Vogler studios’ facades. What a wonderful way to extend your visit!
    Autrique House - Until 22 January
  • Taking The Country's Side, Architecture & Agriculture.
    Taking the Country's Side is the aim of this exhibition created by urban planning and landscape historian, Sébastien Marot.  Permaculture, urban planning, reducing energy demands, agro-ecology... Taking The Country's Side considers several scenarios so that together we can imagine the reunion of urban and rural. 
    Halles Saint-Géry - Until 20 November


  • Picturesque — Jules Buyssens, Landscape Architect 
    Picturesque is offering a pleasant wander through the world of landscape art with Jules Buyssens. A central figure of the first half of the 20th century, he not only modernised landscape art in Belgium, but was also one of the first to address their heritage aspect. Through numerous archives and period photographs, CIVA sheds light on this landscape artist, who remains relatively unknown to the public.
    CIVA - from 30 September to 12 February
  • On Display. Designing the shop experience
    From the shopfront to the display and the changing rooms, shops are architectural and design objects in their own right. Throughout the 20th century, retail design played a significant role in the dissemination of design trends and offered a fascinating look at modern and contemporary aesthetics. Designing the shop experience puts the design and architecture of our shops on display!
    Design Museum Brussels - from 12 October to 5 March
  • Queering Brussels
    What is Queering Brussels? An exhibition that puts forward a critique and a possible future of the city of Brussels through queer prisms. The exhibition presents several queer architectural projects and offers a complementary programme with guided tours of the city as well as lectures on the themes of gender, the city and LGBTQIA+ issues.
    Halles Saint-Géry - Until 21 November