Image rights

Taking and distribution of photographs 

The EAT festival is an event open to everyone. Photographs will be taken during the event and published for promotional purposes on Google Photos and other media (e.g. brochures, newsletters, social networks, newspapers, etc.). 

Processing of photographic data is the Controller. More information about the privacy policy of is available here. 

The photos taken and published are used for communication and promotional purposes for the EAT festival. Photographs are not sold to any third parties. is the owner of these photographs and guarantees this. They are stored on the infrastructure of for a period of ten years. Photographs may be transferred to: 

- Google Photos (US). This product belongs to Google, which has its own privacy policy: uses this tool for easy provision of the photos. does not collect any direct or indirect personal information by this means; 

- the various social networks managed by in the context of promotional actions around the festival; 

- third parties (e.g. journalist) for promotional purposes only. 

Your rights 

There is broad agreement in the case law and the literature that when a person is visible in public, for example in a public place, they are giving their implied consent. This consent is deduced from the concrete circumstances. Similarly, no authorisation is required in principle to take and use images of a crowd. However, if you are the main subject of a photo, even if the primary objective is to "show" the activities and atmosphere of the festival, you have the right to object to the taking of the photo and/or to its distribution. 

You can object directly to the photographer on the day of the event or afterwards by sending an email to More information on the subject: