Bordeaux Wine School

Ecole du Vin 1

Prepare to be amazed and head off to the world of Bordeaux wines! Les Vins de Bordeaux, a historical partner of and Eat Festival, offers new experiences discovering the wines of Bordeaux, the people who produce them, and the most important places in the Bordeaux vineyard.

During Eat Festival, the Bordeaux Wine School will be taking up its premises in Brussels with its two spaces "L’Agora" and "La Table d’Hôtes"

Good news! A workshop is included with your admission - the hardest thing will be choosing which one to do!

The Bordeaux Wine School's L'Agora

  • Bordeaux Quiz - 30 minutes
    Take part in an interactive workshop and immerse yourself in the terroirs of the Bordeaux wine region and their unique characteristics. Take up the challenge as a team!
  • Wine Aromas - 30 minutes
    This aromatic journey lifts the veil on an essential part of tasting: olfaction. Awaken the senses to uncover the secrets of a wine's bouquet.
  • The Bordeaux Wine School x Fernand Obb - 30 minutes
    Learn how to match flavours and aromas in this gourmet workshop that reveals the subtlety and diversity of pairings between Brussels dishes and Bordeaux wines.
  • Bordeaux Sparkles - 30 minutes
    Explore every aspect of Crémants de Bordeaux with this festive workshop
  • Choco’Bordeaux x Laurent Gerbaud - 30 minutes
    Terroirs, flavours, balance… Wine and chocolate have many things in common and are a match made in heaven!
  • Wine and Cheese x From Comptoir - 30 minutes
    Learn about and revise the range of possible pairings between these two iconic gastronomic products.


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*It is recommended to pre-book workshops

The Bordeaux Wine School's Table d'Hôtes

Bordeaux Tonic – 15 minutes
Hone your taste buds and, in the same way as a mixologist, give free expression to your creativity to enhance the taste of Bordeaux wines! Your evenings will never taste the same again.
* Thursday & Friday: 18:00>20:45
* Saturday: 16:30>19:30
* Sunday: 16:15>20:00


Wine Casino - 15 minutes
Rosé or white? Left bank or right bank? 2012 or 2020?... Place your bets on Bordeaux wine during this wonderfully instructive blind tasting!
* Thursday & Friday: 21:30>23:00
* Saturday: 12pm>16:00 & 19:45>23:00
* Sunday: 12:00>16:00