James Bond: From Brussels With Love

25 November 2022
véhicules de James Bond Aston Martin

For your eyes only: this winter, the inimitable 007 is coming to Brussels. The world's most famous secret agent is bringing his British composure and sense of elegance to the capital for an exhibition which honours the world of this unparalleled series. We decided that this event was the perfect opportunity for us to step into the shoes of this archetypal hero and scout out everything "Bond" that our city has to offer. Where's best for sipping trendy cocktails and getting measured up for a tailored suit? Where can you go to experience the thrill of danger or see some incredible classic sports cars up close? Head out on an adventure, from Brussels with love!

Bond in Motion: a 007 exhibition in Brussels

This is a first for the European continent: sets, models, exceptional vehicles, and other gadgets straight out of the James Bond films go on display in Brussels! It's your chance to get up close and personal with the mythology of 007 and relive scenes from the 25 films of this emblematic franchise!

Bond in Motion - Brussels Expo - From 9 December to 14 May 

The Museum of the National Bank of Belgium: get your Goldfinger on

Have you always dreamt of storming Fort Knox and peeking inside Goldfinger's vault? To satisfy your curiosity, pay a visit to the Museum of the National Bank of Belgium and its grandiose decor. You'll learn everything you ever wanted to know about inflation levels, how coins and banknotes are issued and how payment methods and the place that money holds in our daily lives has evolved through the years. If you're lucky, you might even get to head down into the old vaults under the museum...


Plasticarium Design Museum Brussels intérieur musée



Design Museum Brussels, Plasticarium: back in the sixties

What would our beloved Bond be without some grandiose decor as a backdrop? Vintage furniture, futuristic lines, luxurious hotel rooms and modernist villas: One of 007's defining traits is his taste for the finer things in life. The permanent collections of the Plastic Design Collection take us back to the pop aesthetics of the sixties and the spirit of the great set designer who worked on the series' first film: Ken Adam.

Viage Theatre: Casino Royale

Whether he's in London, the Bahamas, Monte Carlo or Las Vegas, Bond always manages to find himself at the green baize of a casino table. Enjoy the Casino Royale experience at the Viage Theatre, Brussels' casino par excellence and the largest poker room anywhere in Belgium. Viage and its Digital Art Theatre also host events and immersive exhibitions throughout the year.


Autoworld - Parc du Cinquantenaire - exposition - voitures



Autoworld: full speed ahead

If you're into big cars and screeching tires, Autoworld will feel like you've died and gone to heaven. You'll find over 300 vehicles, carriages and motorcycles from all over the world, which outline the history of the automobile. Among the gems of this collection, alongside Spirou's Turbotraction, are a few sparkling Alphas, the incredible Citroën SM, the gorgeous Honda NSX and a handful of Ferraris that would make even Mr Bond blush...

Nemo 33: The thrill of the abyss

Whether on land, underwater or up in the skies, James Bond always demonstrates flawless agility. Fans may recall the breathtaking aquatic battles of Thunderball or the breathless amphibious scenes of countless other Bond films. To feel the thrill of the abyss (without getting wet), a visit to the NEMO33 diving pool, with its underwater caves and 33-metre depth, are a must. Four giant portholes allow the non-divers among you to watch the swimmers in action whilst you have a bite to eat. Now that's something new to try!

attraction - educatif - Atomium - Laeken - beau temps




Planetarium: reach for the sky

Feel like a trip to the stars? Here in Brussels, there's no need to board the Moonraker to see them up close! Stare up at the 840m² dome of the Royal Observatory of Belgium and admire constellations, shooting stars, planets and galaxies. It's a fascinating experience which will help you to better understand the cycles of the moon, the seasons and the characteristics of the planets. You’ll feel like you're in a science fiction movie!


Art & History Museum: Around the world in one museum

A long-distance traveller, 007 is a true free spirit, juggling time zones and hemispheres. His missions take him all over, from Azerbaijan to Japan and Bolivia to Jamaica. But if you want to travel without seriously increasing your carbon footprint (let alone draining your bank balance), there's nothing like a browse through the galleries of the Art & History Museum. You can stroll alongside Egyptian mummies, immerse yourself in Inuit culture and admire pre-Columbian statuettes (along with much more)... It's a real world tour, take it from us! 

Top 9 escape rooms in Brussels

Looking to extend your Bond experience and step into the shoes of the world's best secret agent? Test your cool at one of Brussels' Escape Rooms!

A Vodka Martini. Shaken, not stirred!

Is it time for a well-earned drink? Treat yourself with friends to the talents of some of the best mixologists in Brussels. Take your taste buds on a journey through cocktails; in moderation, but above all, with a healthy dose of curiosity. Cocktail culture has taken off in Brussels in recent years.