17 instaproof locations in Brussels

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Are you looking for an original backdrop for your Instagram or TikTok posts? Then you’re in luck as, in Brussels, you don’t need to go far. These seventeen instagrammable spots prove just how much Brussels has to offer when it comes to Instagram. From street art and colourful facades to hidden alleys, overwhelming nature and atmospheric bars and shops, your photo gallery will be full of great photos and videos to share in no time! 

Historical Brussels and idyllic alleyways

Are you happiest when you're strolling the city streets and is #wanderlust one of your top five most used hashtags? Then you'll love the cobblestones and facades of these places that are bursting with nostalgia.  

  • Rue de la Cigogne, 1000 Brussels

Between rue du Rempart des Moines and rue de Flandre you'll find the most idyllic little street in Brussels. It looks as if time has stood still in rue de la Cigogne. The best selfies are taken here between April and June when the wisteria is in bloom. It's also Brussels' worst kept secret. When it's busy, try to be considerate of the locals and come back another time.

  • Rue Porselein, 1070 Anderlecht

Fan of rue de la Cigogne but looking for a bit more colour? Then you need to visit rue Porselein in Anderlecht. As soon as the sun breaks through in this cobbled alleyway, you're treated to a beautiful and picturesque scene. 

  • Rue des Chandeliers, 1000 Brussels

Rue des Chandeliers is a characteristic narrow and steep street in the Marolles that connects rue Haute and rue des Minimes. The charming alleyway has that extra something thanks to the many colourful works of street art.

  • The Floréal and Le Logis Garden Cities, 1170 Watermael-Boitsfort 

Fancy a quick trip to the English countryside without the paperwork and for the price of a tram ticket? Then head to Watermael-Boitsfort, where the garden cities of Le Logis and Floréal look like they've come straight out of a British period drama. Numerous green spaces, different kinds of hedges, rows of Japanese cherry trees, studied perspectives and picturesque working-class houses... it's the perfect setting for a charming photo!

Magical nature

Brussels' grey image is totally unfounded! In fact, it is the greenest capital in Europe. From its elegant squares and classic parks to the magnificent Sonian Forest, there’s something for all nature lovers


  • The Sonian Forest

Covering more than 5,000 hectares, the Sonian Forest is Brussels' green lung. This forest of beech trees - some as old as two hundred years -, oaks and other tree species lends itself perfectly to long walks and nature photography. Put on some walking boots, lumberjack shirt and backpack and you could be backpacking in Canada.

  • The Woluwe Valley 

Don't forget to charge your smartphone before heading to the Woluwe Valley. The valley is part of the European Natura 2000 ecological network and within it you'll find both semi-natural areas blessed with fine biological diversity and extensive parks: Malou Park, Seny Park, Ten Reuken Park, Tournay-Solvay Park and Woluwe Park. Nearby, you'll also find the abbey and the nature reserve of Rouge Cloître.

  • Tram 44, Montgomery metro station to Tervuren station

This snapshot of tram 44 in the Sonian Forest is a classic. But the view from the tram isn't half bad either. From Brussels to the heart of Tervuren Park, you ride past beautiful Art Nouveau houses, stately embassies, Stoclet Palace and - as you've probably already seen on Instagram - right through the Sonian Forest. It’s a perfect tram journey for both culture and nature lovers.

Modern and futuristic decors for architecture fanatics

  • Metro station Pannenhuis, rue Charles Demeer - 1020 Laeken

The Brussels metro is a veritable underground art gallery. But ironically enough, the most photographed station on the STIB network is one of the few metro stations without any art. It's no surprise, as at Pannenhuis station it's the architecture that steals the show. The fascinating cylindrical light fixtures and orange walls are real eye-catchers. Take metro line 6 to discover this futuristic decor for yourself.

  • Tondo footbridge, Chaussee de Louvain, 1000 Brussels 

Is it a doughnut? A roll of insulation tape? Twitter was abuzz when Kersten Geers and David Van Severen's creation was unveiled. All jokes aside, this gallery is, first and foremost, a visual and architectural feat. It connects (and bridges the difference in height between) the House of Representatives and the Forum building. The result is a curious object that appears to be floating over Chaussée de Louvain and is a must for your feed. 

  • The former CBR headquarers, 185 chaussée de La Hulpe, Watermael-Boitsfort

With its bold shapes, the former headquarters of cement company CBR is well-known to urban explorers. It's iconic oval windows with copper-coloured glass cover all nine floors. The windows embedded in concrete modules give this modernist gem a unique and particularly Instagram-worthy look. 

  • Gare Maritime, Tour & Taxis, 86C avenue du Port, Brussels

Looking for some dramatic effect for your next profile picture? The architectural eye-catcher of the moment is the Gare Maritime. The historical station on the Tour & Taxis site retained its original roof and new interior volumes were built in wood within the building. Add to that the indirect daylight and the majestic sense of space and you won't be able to keep track of your likes. Foodies get their money's worth here too. The dishes served by Brussels' top chefs in the Gare Maritime Food Market are a treat for both the eye and the taste buds.

Graphic backdrops for the best selfies
  • Greenbizz.brussels, 17 rue Dieudonné Lefèvre, 1020 Brussels

You’ll find Greenbizz in the trendy Canal district, close to Tour & Taxis. The site offers over 8,000m² of infrastructure for sustainable projects and a beautiful graphic facade as a backdrop for your photos. 

  • Brussels-Congress station, 30 boulevard Pacheco, 1000 Brussels

Brussels-Congress railway station is an obligatory stop for urban explorers with a soft spot for Art Nouveau. The building was designed by Maxime Brunfaut, a pupil of architectural icon Victor Horta. The empty platforms and closed ticket offices, the decorative 25-metre-high ventilation tower, the bas-relief on the service staircase and works of art on the side walls are just a few of the station's potentially viral architectural details.  

  • Entrance of the Boghossian Foundation – Villa Empain, 67 avenue Franklin Roosevelt, 1050 Ixelles

The entrance to the stately Villa Empain is, without doubt, the most beautiful door in Brussels. The cast iron and gold detail in sublime Art Deco style takes you right back in time for a throwback Thursday post with a touch of flair.

  • Inside the Atomium, Square de l’Atomium, 1020 Brussels

Pisa has its tower, Brussels has the Atomium. Most visitors take the standard picture with Brussels' most famous symbol between their thumb and index finger, but if you're not in the mood for a cliché photo, why not surprise your followers with a journey through the tubes connecting the building's nine famous spheres. 

  • The toilets of Super Fourchette, 3 rue des Hirondelles, 1000 Brussels

Everything at Super Fourchette is highly Instagrammable! Whether it's the retro wooden tables, the latte art, the carefully prepared daily specials, the vinyl records and cassettes and, yes, even the toilets! Don't forget to wash your hands before you use your mobile phone.