Rear view of the Boghossian Foundation - Villa Empain

Day 2 – Romantic Art Nouveau walks

Day two of your adventure in Brussels. Put on some good walking shoes, because today you're heading to the city's green areas. Have a quick breakfast at place Flagey and immerse your better half in romance first thing in the morning, with a walk around the Ixelles ponds and the park of La Cambre Abbey.

Head up Avenue Louise and hop on tram 8 or 93 towards Bailli! Walk through the Châtelain district, known for its trendy shops and restaurants, it's where Art Nouveau reigns supreme. The Horta Museum is a must. Here you can discover the artist's house and marvel at his genius! Then take a walk around the area in search of the Ciamberlani mansion, Solvay House or the Otlet mansion. 

Has all that walking whetted your appetite? You're in luck, because you're in a foodie neighbourhood: HabibiJosephOdette en VilleÖtap, Sao Thai CuisineOld BoySeinoRicciocapriccioNotosChatelaine du Liban ! Before you move on, take a break in Faider Park, hidden behind the door of number 86 rue Faider.

In the afternoon, a change of style and scenery, with a trip to a gem of Art Deco architecture: Villa Empain - Boghossian Foundation. Today, this perfectly renovated villa, is a centre of art and dialogue between the cultures of the East and the West.

End the day with a bit of fresh air in Brussels' green lung: the Bois de la Cambre! Its alleys, lake and flora and fauna… Treat yourself to a healthy dose of romance and round off the evening with dinner for two at Chalet Robinson