Neighbourhood Walk: Cureghem

Architecture Unusual 2 hrs.

Useful information

2 hrs.


5 km


By foot


Place du Conseil

Starting point

Cureghem is a cosmopolitan neighbourhood of Anderlecht. Its multicultural nature becomes immediately apparent as you wander through it. 

Lebanese restaurants and garages, Moroccan and Turkish teahouses, Nigerian or Cameroonian fixers who are eager to buy and export your car to West Africa, Polish and Romanian delicatessens, Italian pizzerias and Greek grocery stores: you'll find it all. People from all over the world came here to try their luck over the decades.

In the 19th century Cureghem, a rural annex of the centre of Anderlecht, became the centre of the meat processing industry, the textile sector and car assembly. Today, the Abattoir aims to become the 'belly of Brussels': numerous initiatives relating to food production and distribution are taking place in and around this covered market. Not far away is the former Veterinary School, where students from the "domestic animals and livestock" section learned their trade. 

During this walk, you'll also discover murals, pass in front of the imposing Midi tower and head towards Brussels South station, passing by the famous Cantillon brewery, which you can visit, and La Paix brewery, where you can stop to eat.

Map in collaboration with Brukselbinnenstebuiten