Europe in Brussels

The capital city of 500 million Europeans.

Ixelles - Parc Léopold - vue panoramique - photo aérienne - nature

Brussels became home to the European institutions in 1997. The various sites the EU has set up over the years has created a genuine neighbourhood, known as the European Quarter. This is where the word 'Europe' takes on a whole new meaning.  You'll find the European institutions and their 40,000 employees here, but it's also a place where different cultures meet and where you'll be surprised at every corner. Whether it's unsuspected green spaces, urban artworks, cosmopolitan terraces and cultural events, the European Quarter has a lot to offer.

You get a sense of the work accomplished by the European Union when you're in the European Quarter. The institutions open their doors to the public through museums, guided tours, visitor centres and events. Learn about the history of the Union, how it works and what it has achieved. It all becomes that bit more tangible! 

Europe Direct Brussels

Europe Direct Brussels is an information and documentation centre on the European Union, providing direct contact between the European Union and the inhabitants of the Brussels-Capital Region. Do you have questions about the European Union? Are you looking for specific information on Europe and how it works? Wondering what Europe can do for you?