Gourmet experiences in Brussels

11 May 2022
Tram Experience, culinary, gastronomic, gourmet experience in Brussels

Brussels offers a variety of unique gastronomic experiences; real culinary treats to savour throughout the year. A rich assortment of cultural and festive events has transformed Brussels. And it is no small coincidence that gastronomy is no exception to this rule. These foodie events span the gamut of culinary art in all its forms. Here are some of those unique culinary experiences the capital of Europe has to offer:

Tram Experience

Embark on a unique gastronomic journey through Brussels. Take a seat in a specially converted tram and travel around the city while enjoying a delicious meal created by renowned Belgian chefs.

Practical information: runs every Tuesday to Sunday.

Tram Experience, culinary, gastronomic, gourmet experience in Brussels

Dinner in the Sky

Dinner in the Sky invites you, every year, to experience a spectacular culinary experience with your head in the clouds. At 50 metres above the ground, enjoy a menu concocted by one of the country's most renowned chefs, who prepares their dishes in the open kitchen of this flying restaurant. This almost biblical scene allows for a complete “communion” with the chef who serves their heavenly, culinary compositions as if you were sat in their kitchen. Brussels in the Sky is a unique adventure everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. In 2022, Dinner in the Sky welcomes you at the Atomium!

Dinner in the Sky, culinary, gastronomic, gourmet experience in Brussels

EAT Festival

In 2022, EAT Festival will celebrate its tenth anniversary and for this special edition, you'll have the opportunity to participate in two events instead of one: EAT Festival will introduce you to the capital's street food while Dinners will let you taste the best of Brussels' gastronomy. All this in the impressive setting of the Gare Maritime at Tour & Taxis, which is made entirely of wood. See you in September and October!

EAT Festival 2019, foodie, culinary, gastronomic, gourmet event in Brussels

Wolf Food Market

Just a stone's throw from place de la Monnaie, in the heart of the city, Wolf is a street food market where you can enjoy a proper culinary experience. The location, with its 19 restaurants and two bars, invites you to go on a gastronomic world tour. Enjoy the best street food from all over the globe, such as the Syrian-Lebanese breads of My Tannour, the fabulous sweet and savoury waffles of Gaufres & Waffles or pizzas that transport you to sunny Italy. Enjoy all this in a former bank, revamped by famous designer Lionel Jadot, and wash it all down with a beer brewed on site. For the record, the place gets its name from Jean Wolf or De Wolf, who owned a piece of land on the edge of a ditch located on the current site of the food market. As wolf is also wolf in Dutch, the name of the street was translated as rue Fossé aux Loups or Wolf ditch street.

Wolf Food Market, street food and culinary, gastronomic, gourmet experience in Brussels (city centre)

Gare Maritime Food Market

The Gare Maritime food market is another street food market with ten restaurants and the Victoria Bar. Nestled in one of the most spectacular locations in Brussels, it offers a unique experience. At the counters, you'll find concepts developed by prestigious chefs from Belgium and elsewhere. You'll find, among others, Argentinian Mauro Colagreco, ranked at the top of the 50 Best Restaurants list; Barcelona's Xavier Pellicer; Belgian Michelin-starred chefs Bart De Pooter, San Degeimbre and Giovanni Bruno and the highly publicised Mallory Gabsi and Adrien Cachot. Visit the Tour & Taxis website to enjoy this culinary experience.

Gare Maritime Food Market, street food and culinary, gastronomic, gourmet experience in Brussels (Tour & Taxis)