6 shops selling home-made and organic sweets and treats

28 March 2022
Maison Dandoy - Biscuits - Friandises

Do you always make sure you leave space for dessert and can't resist a sweet or savoury treat? Then you absolutely must try one of these 6 addresses where you’ll find the best home-made and organic sweets in the capital. In Brussels, gourmet delicacies are an institution and the artisans below are proud ambassadors of this.


This brand offers aperitif crackers and zero-waste biscuits. In keeping with their ecological approach, they use the leftover grains used to make beer in all their products.

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6 Beerfood products presented on a wooden counter


In this artisanal Brussels workshop, you'll find small, organic, gluten-free biscuits with typical Belgian flavours (like the famous Speculoos) that make all the difference. 

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Les Boudines

This brand of 100% plant-based, artisanal, organic and quality biscuits is a perfect alternative for healthy snacks that the whole family can share.

Browse the Boudines’ biscuits here.

Mad Lab

In this "culinary laboratory", you'll find cereal biscuits that are full of minerals, either sweet or savoury and packaged in a compostable bag, in keeping with the organic and zero-waste approach of the brand's creators.

Browse the Mad Lab’s biscuits here.

Cyril and David, managers of MAD LAB holding trays of biscuits

Maison Dandoy

At Maison Dandoy, your senses will twinkle and dance with oven-fresh biscuits rich in flavor, sweet in scent and capricious in figure. All our guilty pleasures are handmade in the Brussels atelier, with 100% natural ingredients just like our great-great-great grandfather did 180 years or so ago.

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This artisanal and organic brand offers jams, tapenades and chutneys made with seasonal fruits. They are a lovely gift for curious gourmets.

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