It’s raclette season in Brussels

Customers serving raclette at Kaas (Dansaert)

Among the (sometimes guilty) pleasures of winter, raclette is an absolute must. But, in order to avoid the lingering cheese smell in your living room, having to clean the machine and, above all, the 3 weeks of cheese that you'll have left over, why not go out? Whether restaurants offer it all year round or just in winter, it's always possible to treat yourself to a hot, melting raclette in Brussels. You can choose the vegetarian variation or the full charcuterie option. So grab your diary! While not mandatory, given their popularity, it's best to book a table at most of these places.

  • From Tuesday to Sunday

In the city centre

Les Fondus de la Raclette

First of all, the French pun in this establishment's name will have you melting right away! You can't help but fall in love with Les Fondus de la Raclette, with its Savoyard atmosphere - reminiscent of those typical mountain chalets - and its friendly, do-it-yourself approach where the grills are built into the tables allowing you to do the cooking. This concept, originally French, was successfully established in Brussels in 2007 on the charming Place de la Vieille Halle aux Blés, not far from the Manneken-Pis statue and the Grand-Place. Raclette is served here in the evening, but also at lunchtime.

Cheese and charcuterie platter available at Les Fondus de la Raclette


Au Petit Suisse

Raclette was born in the canton of Valet, so Switzerland is the benchmark for this winter dish. Rather than travel across borders, head to Au Petit Suisse, with its guaranteed Swiss atmosphere in the heart of Uccle. The decor is made up of cow figurines, cuckoo clocks, barrels and alphorn players (also in figurine form!). Not to mention the Swiss flag bearing the white federal cross. It has everything you need to enjoy a delicious Swiss raclette in the finest Swiss tradition. What's more, the cheese is provided by Heidi and the wine list even includes some... Swiss bottles!

  • On Wednesdays


Chalet Robinson

When you're sheltering from the cold in a chalet, how can you not succumb the call of a raclette? After your little boat trip to the chalet, immerse yourself in an authentic "après-ski" atmosphere. Chalet Robinson takes care of everything, with its raclette made with Bagnes, a prestigious traditional Swiss cheese which dates back to the 14th century, and its cosy setting, regardless of the season.

(Available until the end of March, depending on the weather and demand)

Cheese and charcuterie platter available at Chalet Robinson


Jacques le fromager

Every Wednesday evening, a Raclette Party is held at Jacques in Forest! One of the best cheese makers in Brussels welcomes you to enjoy a raclette made from 4 different cheeses that vary from week to week (cheese from the Jura, Haute-Savoie, smoked, made with hay, wild thyme, fenugreek, etc., but always made from raw milk, and often organic). All of this is served with potatoes and salad. You can also opt for an Italian charcuterie platter.

(Offer announced until 22 February with possible extension depending on the weather and demand)

  • On Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays


Kaas [at Brussels Beer Project]

The name says it all (“Kaas” is Dutch for cheese)! The pop-up restaurant Kaas, which is located at Brussels Beer Project on Rue Antoine Dansaert, offers a simple but effective raclette formula, designed by the caterer Eating Point. The advantage of having set up shop in the collaborative brasserie? Cheese (from Haut-Livradois, Puy de Dôme) and charcuterie plates can be easily paired with the delicious beers available on site. It’s even possible to take a digestive walk around the premises. They also have children’s portions.

(The restaurant will remain open until at least mid-February, depending on the weather and demand)

Oozy raclette cheese at Kaas - Brussels Beer Project
  • Thursdays and Sundays


Le Plateau du Berger

"J'peux pas, j'ai raclette" (I can’t, I have a raclette), is a French expression that often serves as the best excuse during the winter months. Moreover, this phrase is also the name of the exceptional Thursday night openings at Le plateau du Berger (until 21:00). In short: Thursday becomes a cheese extravaganza! And for those who are not wholly satisfied: you can also enjoy raclette in brunch mode on Sunday mornings. On the menu: potatoes, salad and organic and seasonal ingredients. All cheeses are made from raw milk, and the selection is made up out of French and Swiss products. Private parties are possible on other days for groups of at least 12 people.

(Offer available until mid-April, depending on the weather and demand)

Charcuterie, salad and raclette cheeses at Le Plateau du Berger
  • On Sundays


Moeder Lambic Original

At Moeder Lambic original Sunday means raclette day. With their all-you-can-eat formula you’ll enjoy two hours of bliss with cheese, potatoes, salad and pickles aplenty. The place to be? The cellar. And if you come with a group of cheese lovers, you can book your raclette during weekdays for 8 or more participants. The cheeses are carefully selected by La Fruitière. And as Moeder Lambic is one of the best beer bars in the capital, the staff will happily recommend the best beers for your menu.

(Offer available until the end of March)

A melting cheese wheel at Moeder Lambic Original



The charming and cosy wine bar Nabu can be found on a corner in Woluwé-Saint-Lambert. Here, the Sunday evening blues is averted with a sumptuous raclette. Their raclette (and all their other cheeses) are provided by La Fruitière. And of course, the cheeses and the wine selection complement each other perfectly. Don’t be shy to ask which red or white best suits your raclette!

(Raclette available until the end of March)

Platter of charcuterie, patatoes, cheese and wine, served at Nabu

Do you rather buy your own cheese?

So you’re more into “raclette & chill”? If you prefer a romantic raclette by candlelight, don’t forget to call in the best cheese merchants of the capital! Not only can they help you assemble the best possible cheese selection to suit your needs, they will gladly advise you on the right portion size as welll. This way, you needn’t freeze the excess cheese.