Brussels Performance Study (January 2022)


Study context and objectives

In the context of the new City Marketing policy,, mandated by the Brussels-Capital Region, tasked the agency Resonance with establishing a benchmark for the quality of the destination compared to 14 other destinations. The key indicators in this performance study were: Place, Product, People, Prosperity, Programming and Promotion.

Competing destinations

● Antwerp, Belgium ● Amsterdam, Netherlands ● Geneva, Switzerland ● Frankfurt, Germany ● Copenhagen, Denmark ● Vienna, Austria ● Barcelona, Spain ● The Hague, Netherlands ● Berlin, Germany ● Lille, France ● Lyon, France ● Luxembourg ● London, UK ● Dublin, Ireland ● Washington, DC.

Main findings of the study and key figures

Overall performance by category

Brussels' ranking

Place: #6

Product: #5

People: # 6

Prosperity: #12

Programming: #7

Promotion: #8