The label focussing on health safety for the Brussels tourism sector

06 May 2022


In order to enable the sector to reopen as safely as possible, the Brussels-Capital Region and launch a health safety label, created in partnership with the global certification company SOCOTEC. It has the simple aim of providing national and international visitors with reassurance around the quality and safety of Brussels’ tourist infrastructure.

The protocol behind this label was created in close collaboration with tourism-sector federations and partners. It will evolved based on the National Security Council’s guidelines and must support the sector over the months to come.

The objectives for the label

  • Informing and reassuring the national and international public about the measures being taken by the brussels tourist venues and sites they plan to visit.  
  • Ensuring that the mandatory general rules applicable to all sectors as well as those specific to each sector are adhered to.

Who can get the label?

The label is aimed at the tourism and cultural sectors. In other words:

  • Attractions & museums
  • Tourist accommodation
  • Guided tours
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Venues 

In this link you will find lall the certified establishments listed.

The principles to be respected in order to obtain the label

In order to obtain the label, all operators must respect generic measures and minimum prevention rules based on the protocol  specific to each sector to ensure safe contacts and thus protect the health of the public.

How to obtain the label?

The label is available free of charge to all tourism partners should they wish to apply for one.
All they need to do is send an application form containing the required files.

We have determined a specific protocol for tourist residences and homestays. Please contact us at for more information.

For each document, we have prepared either a template that you can simply complete, or an example that you can use as a basis. Click here to download all templates and examples. When sending your files, please respect the nomenclature of your files (structure of the names of the documents) as indicated in the list of required documents.

Your application should be sent to and

Once the application has been accepted, the partner will receive a certificate and all materials (such as visual materials and a poster) to put up on its front or in its window. In addition to being visible at these sites, the label will be promoted via a communications campaign coordinated by

In order to ensure that the label is properly implemented, establishments bearing the label will be randomly checked by’s certification partner, SOCOTEC, which has worked in the safety industry for more than 20 years. These checks will set out to ensure that the rules required to receive the label are being implemented and followed.

Discover the labelled tourist sites in Brussels

The institutions with the Brussels Health Safety Label promise you a visit that you can enjoy in complete peace of mind. Everything has been carefully thought out to ensure the safety of visitors and protect their health.