Our Brochures

Our Brochures

For a more detailed description of the services we provide, please feel free to take a look at our latest brochures.

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Brochure Let's Meet 2020

Let’s Meet in Brussels, one of the most attractive destinations in the world!

visit.brussels’ Convention Bureau offers to all professionals of the meetings industry, the city’s must-have meetings guide.

Let’s Meet in Brussels enables you to discover amazing new places! Get access to an amazing range of WOW venues and hotels. Find suppliers such as DMC and PCO agencies, event organisers, restaurants, caterers, teambuilding ideas, and practical info...

The Let’s Meet In Brussels 2020 is available in two formats:

  • DIGITAL  : Read, download, save & share the Let’s Meet in Brussels 2020 on a link bellow
  • PRINT : Order and receive the Let’s Meet in Brussels 2020 

Contact the right person to make your event a success!

Convention Bureau's brochure

Organising an event in Brussels is all about making connections.

Our team of experts will work with you right through the process, from planning and bidding to funding and welcoming your delegates.
This brochure sets out why we believe Brussels is the best place to hold your convention and how we can help you organise it flawlessly...

Association Bureau's brochure

In our effort to continue strengthening the role of Brussels as an international centre, visit.brussels has set up the Association Bureau.

The Association Bureau is a unique resource for international non-profit organisations looking to develop their activities in Brussels.

Ambassadors brochure

Brussels has developed strongly as a meeting destination in the last few years and is today the undisputed number one city in the World for association congresses.

One important advantage we want to develop is our network of ambassadors. These people, like you, are experts in their field and influencers in their sector. This brochure is an invitation for experts in all fields to step forward and contact visit.brussels...

Handy Events Guide

Practical guide to organising outdoor events that are accessible to persons with reduced mobility

To do everything possible to welcome people with reduced mobility to events, visit.brussels has produced this guide in the form of a practical check-list, to be used for any events organised in a public space in the future. This handbook is aimed primarily at the key stakeholders in the events field, advertisers, organisers, events agencies and site managers and owners.