This warm and spacious room can be arranged in a variety of ways. Thanks to the original layout of Zinneke with its two side rooms (Magritte and Delvaux), you can bring together a large number of people and then split them up into different groups for workshops.

Zinneke is highly suitable for presentations, conferences, symposia, colloquia and forums. A large buffet can be set up in the room, while ensuring the smooth running and quietness of the event.

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  • Surface

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  • Equipment

Place Royale 11


Wi-Fi, Full-HD laser projector that projects onto a 110" screen at the front of the room, 2 screens at the back for participants, 1 screen at the back for the speaker, lectern with fixed microphone and feedback screen, four wireless microphones, Mac Mini, sound system, video conferencing system, two robotic cameras with adjustable perspective of the entire room, ceiling microphone with noise cancellation

Chairs, cloakroom, flipchart and meeting tables on request

  • U-shape capacity

  • Conference capacity

  • School-style capacity