is offering its partners the opportunity to receive training on various subjects offered by its Brussels Quality Academy.

As its name suggests, the Academy aims to help the sector provide quality work by offering training modules on ongoing activities in Brussels, as well as on its heritage, events, etc.

A new programme is under construction

The exceptional events that we have been experiencing since March 2020 called for a review of the training offer and so we decided to expand it towards e-learning and other online training courses. 

In addition to training courses to improve knowledge about the region and customer experience know-how, the academy will soon be offering additional support through brand new training courses in the following areas:   

  • Crisis management
  • Digital marketing  
  • Public relations  
  • Social networks  
  • Organisation of events  
  • Eco-responsible businesses  
  • Etc... 

Foster co-creation believes co-creation will come from developing a strategy, products and services in active collaboration with its partners.  

The aim of a co-creation process is to gather knowledge, insights, ideas and resources on a certain subject from various sectors.  

We call on group reflection and creativity from each individual to enable us to move forward together, with a real willingness to encourage discussion, by organising inspiring brainstorming and networking events, working groups, etc.  

For whom?

If you are a Brussels professional* who works with tourists, you are invited to participate!   

The tourist experience in Brussels is everyone's business. Participating makes you a proud promoter and supporter of the region.  

* All types of certified tourist accommodation, catering, venues, tourist offices, museums, attractions, tour guides, greeters, shops, services, public transport, taxi drivers... 


Free-of-charge, to receive invitations to the next sessions. 

You can also send us an email for more information.