Arts&Publics - Create your own video game

Slip into the shoes of a video game developer and learn how to create how your own game at the Arts&Publics booth! Using Construct 3, a no-code authoring software, activity leaders guide you through the creation of a custom 2D mini-game with your own character. Your game will then be projected onto the wall so that you can play it with the help of a conductive paint designed by the ASBL Factum Lab.

Activity 1: Discover video games
Discover and play the video games created during the different workshops.
> All audiences / FR-EN / continuous/10 people

Activity 2: Create your own video game
Two activity leaders will introduce you to video game creation using the Construct 3 software, which allows you to create 2D games without requiring mastery of computer language. The creation is based on a predefined template to which you can add your personal touch.
> All audiences / FR-EN / continuous / 4x2 people per workshop / 20 minutes