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Who are we? is an organism of public interest subsidised by the Brussels-Capital Region.

We’re the Brussels-Capital Region’s tourism promotion and communications agency, committed to:

  • the promotion of tourism, culture and events in the Brussels-Capital Region;
  • the creation of experiences that highlight its many assets;
  • the quality of the reception of its visitors, be they leisure and business tourists or international associations.’ MISSION

We bring dynamism to the city where the heart of the world beats. We create unique experiences for visitors and residents.

We make you love Brussels!

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General Management

Strategy & International

Client Experience

Finance & Operating’ VALUES

We have defined 5 values that are more than a source of inspiration, they are a commitment in our daily work.


Our teams listen to our customers (residents, visitors, professionals): our work is based on your opinions and the data we regularly collect.

Diversity and openness

We defend diversity as a way of opening up to the world while respecting others, as a way of thinking, acting and working. Multiculturalism and diversity are part of Brussels' DNA, values that we at are committed to defending.


We care for the well-being of residents and visitors alike, while preserving the heritage and environment of our region. The public funds entrusted to us are invested to benefit our inhabitants and economic players.

Passion for Brussels

Each team member is passionate about Brussels and does their utmost to share their love of the city with others through their expertise.


Promoting a destination as rich and diverse as Brussels is a team effort. Our team of 180 people combines its energy and creativity with respect, kindness and mutual support to achieve a common goal.

OUR VISION for our city

Brussels is an authentic city, on a human scale and with countless attractions. It is a place where people meet, where the inhabitants are welcoming, open, curious and proud of their city. A capital of 500 million Europeans, whose diversity nourishes the creativity of its inhabitants, artists and cultural, tourism and event partners. These partners are experts driven by passion, ambition, creativity and collaboration.

We are committed to making Brussels a friendly city where well-being, slow working and slow living are the key words. A place where your language and all others are spoken. A region that dares to lead the way in sustainability in Europe, a champion of the circular economy. A true green capital and a model of social integration

Brussels is a destination that offers sustainable tourism, that's open to all and in constant evolution.  

OUR AMBITIONS for 2024-2025

The world of tourism is experiencing an unprecedented crisis which is forcing all destinations to review their ambitions and rethink the development of the tourism sector as a whole. The objective we have set ourselves is to return, by 2024, to the levels of the record year 2019. In addition, Brussels aims to develop value-creating tourism that has a positive influence and sustainable footprint on the destination.  Our organisation is firmly committed to projects that have a positive impact on the Brussels-Capital Region as a whole. This is why we are developing initiatives that respect the environment, but also aim to improve the well-being of visitors and residents alike.

The objectives listed below reflect this ambition:

  • The recovery of the tourism sector: overnight stays – a return to 2019 levels by 2024 (9,400,000 annual overnight stays).

  • Leading by example in terms of sustainability: To be in the top 10 of the GDS Index by 2025.

  • Visitor who are satisfied with their experience in Brussels: TravelSat Index – Global rating of 9/10 by 2025 (2021 level: 8.5).

  • Brussels residents who are satisfied with the development of tourism in Brussels: Resident Index – Net score above 50% (2021 level).

  • A balanced distribution of leisure and business tourists throughout the year: 25% of overnight stays/season by 2025 (In 2019: Spring: 26%, Summer: 26%, Autumn: 26%, Winter: 21%).

  • A balanced distribution of tourists throughout the Brussels-Capital Region: Reduction of 10% in the standard deviation of overnight stays in all 19 communes – (914,761 in 2019). (The smaller the standard deviation, the better the distribution of overnight stays between the various communes).

Jobs @ employs 180 people to strengthen the image of the capital of Europe. This promotion and communication mission can be accomplished thanks to the expertise of 5 entities:

  • Client Experience

  • Finance & Operating

  • Media

  • Strategy & International

  • General Management