Conference AI

ChatGPT, Photomath, DeepL… Artificial intelligence: what impact on education?


Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies have made spectacular progress in recent years, impacting many fields, including education. What are the benefits and limits of new AI tools such as ChatGPT, Photomath or DeepL in education?
Should these tools be banned, as is already the case in some parts of the world or, on the contrary, integrated into educational practices? What should we be aware of when using them? The conference will aim to provide answers to these questions by clarifying how these new technologies work, offering illustrations of possible scenarios for their use, and providing information about their limits, in particular in terms of their transparency and reliability.



Yann-Aël Le Borgne holds a PhD in Computer Science (Machine Learning Group - ULB) and has 15 years of experience in applied research into artificial intelligence. He joined La Scientothèque in 2021, where he helps develop educational activities on artificial intelligence for young people and the general public.

Patricia Corieri holds a PhD in applied sciences and a Bachelor's degree in educational psychology. She is a senior secondary school teacher of physical sciences, a psychomotor therapist and the coordinator of La Scientothèque. She has expertise in managing vulnerable groups, project coordination and extensive professional experience with new technologies.

> Friday 24 March, 10:00 - FR