Drones conference

Practical cases of drone use

Security & police investigations


Since 2016, safe.brussels has acquired 6 drones for the local and federal police services. In 2017, following the launch of this pioneering partnership between the Brussels-Capital Region (safe.brussels) and the Brussels Federal Police (DCA Brussels), a drone unit was created. This unit is made up of 7 pilots with European drone pilot licences. Since its creation, the unit has already received more than 1,000 reinforcement requests from the local police, as well as from Brussels' federal judicial policeSince 2022, the pilots have also specialised in photogrammetry. This enables the modelling of different places/scenes on the basis of drone images in order to reconstitute a 2D/3D scale map. Demonstrations, searches for individuals and even the detection of cannabis plantations... Drones now represent an undeniable technological support for law enforcement. There is almost no limit to the possibilities of this technology.




> Friday 24 March, 14:00 - FR