Conference Actiris

« Les solutions numériques d’Actiris et ses partenaires pour les chercheurs d’emploi »

(Digital solutions for job seekers from Actiris and its partners)


This workshop is a unique opportunity for Brussels job seekers to discover the digital solutions to improve their job search being offered by Actiris and its partners. 

Discover the services, training and employment aids that exist to help you strengthen your digital skills and increase your chances of finding a job. Learn how to use the digital tools offered by Actiris and its partners - such as the Cité des Métiers and Bruxelles Formation - to optimise your job search and access quality training. Discover also the employment aids offered by Actiris to facilitate your integration into the world of work.

> 45 minutes, max. 60 participants


> Friday 24 March, 9:00. - FR