Factum Lab - Create your own video game

As part of Digital Spring, Factum Lab is joining forces with non-profit organisation Arts&Publics to offer an event that puts games, fun and learning centre stage. This animation takes place in several steps. You will be accompanied at each step by the Factum Lab and Arts&Publics teams.

Step 1: Create your own video game and and incorporate your settings 
Create your own video game based on a predefined template with the expertise of Arts&publics. You can customise it by incorporating personal choices and settings.

Step 2: Discover the interactive mural and the Controller 
Start the game with the interactive mural using simple functions. Then switch to the Central Controller and create your own controller from scratch using tiles.

Step 3: Play in teams 
Join forces with other players and create a conductive bridge by holding hands.   

Since 2018, Factum Lab has been developing an associative and cultural project focused on the appropriation of digital cultures. Their aim has been the expression and empowerment of digital creative practices. Since 2022, the association has been building on its commitment to these themes while strengthening its impact on the public. The ambition is to be a centre dedicated to digital cultures, open to all in Brussels and creating links. Factum Lab's projects help to bring this ambition to life.