FARI - AI Institute for the Common Good

FARI is an institute that places responsible and sustainable AI research and innovation at the heart of its activities. It aims to develop, study and foster the governance of artificial intelligence, data and robotics technologies in a reliable, transparent, open, inclusive, ethical and responsible manner.   

Animation 1: AI in Belgium 
Curious about the possibilities of AI in Belgium? Come to the FARI booth and find out for yourself! 

Animation 2: Vox pop 
Vox Pops are videos that let you have your say. A team armed with camera and microphone walks around asking you about your relationship with artificial intelligence. This results in a dynamic, multilingual video.    

Animation 3: Café/Survey 
Café / Survey invites you in for a conversation. Different teams walk around and present you with a questionnaire about artificial intelligence over a cup of coffee.