Genielab - AIALAB: AI creation learning platform

Have you always wanted to discover the creative powers of AI but not known where to start? GénieLab is here to answer all your questions. What’s more, they’ll introduce you to digital culture and assisted creation using virtual tools they have developed, like their interactive digital work AI See You.

Event: spontaneous AI creation workshops

GénieLab is hosting a POP workshop for AI-assisted media creation (music, text, visual). The created works will be exhibited in the non-profit's AI art gallery. Learning pathways from AIALAB and the IAccessible learning tracking platform will be presented spontaneously. The Book Box will also be launching their "Création avec l’IA" (Creating with AI) book at the event. The digital booklet will be offered to visitors free of charge in exchange for an email address.
> 9+/FR/continuous

Presented by Montreal Digital Spring.