Just WAOUH – Photobooth madness

Immortalise your visit to the Digital Spring in the original Just WAOUH photobooths. Your shots are bound to be magical, with a balloon that triggers the mechanism by popping and your face that transforms poetically!

Activity 1 - The PAF Box, the explosive photobooth!
A large black box, a needle and a balloon. Enter the PAF Box, follow the voice instructions, pop the balloon and let the magic happen. A picture is taken at the exact moment the balloon explodes thanks to the automatic release and high-speed capture. It is the sound caused by the popping of the balloon that triggers the photo capture!
> All audiences / continuous

Activity 2 - The FONTasy - Your word cloud photo
FONTasy is an interactive photo activity that takes a picture of you and turns your facial features into a word cloud. The result? A unique photo on the theme of digital in the air!
> All audiences / continuous