levv - Making digital technology lighter

levv is a Brussels-based start-up that aims to make digital technology less complex, more human and more sustainable. The solutions it develops aim to create a digital ecosystem that minimises its environmental impact while retaining the benefits of these technologies.  Discover the values and its first practical application: levv heat & cloud (the system for recovering waste heat from servers to heat domestic water) and apply its principles to your creativity by trying your hand at writing haikus!

Activity 1 - Discover and experiment with lightweight technology
Share your vision of lightweight technology and get the servers working. Heat some water and wash your hands with a 100% organic Brussels soap.
> 10+ / FR-NL-EN / continuous / 4 people per workshop / 15 minutes

Activity 2 - Haiku writing workshop
Haikus are poems of Japanese origin whose form is very short (5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables) and whose favourite themes are nature, immutability and evanescence of things. What lightweight technology is to digital technology, haiku is to literature: a demanding way of creating where creativity comes from constraint. Use haikus to find a balance between technology and living beings, between the world of yesteryear and the world of tomorrow.
> 8+ / FR-NL-EN / continuous / 3 people per workshop / 10 minutes