Tic Tac Lab ASBL - Cloud Attitude

Unimaginable amounts of data are stored in the Cloud every day. But have you ever wondered what it might feel?  Come and discover the moods of the "real" Tic Tac Lab cloud. It reacts to ambient noise thanks to sound sensors. Look out! When the ambient noise level exceeds a certain threshold, it starts to rumble. As a bonus, come and build your own little cloud and take it home.

Activity 1: Cloud Attitude
Create your own cloud using electronic components (diodes, motion sensor, transistor, cables) and DIY materials (cotton wool, cardboard, wire, etc.). You can even solder the electronic components yourself with the help of the instructors. These small clouds will be sensitive to movement. If you pass your hand near the cloud, a diode will light up, recreating the storm effect.

> 12+ / FR-NL-EN / 30>50 minutes /8 people per workshop
> Times: 10.30>11.15am, 12>12.45pm, 2>2.45pm, 3.30>4.15pm
> Booking required