We are coders asbl - STEAM is in the air

STEAM is in the air! We are coders presents different programming and robotics activities (Python, micro:bit, Godot Engine, Scratch, etc.). All related to the theme of air or space.

Activity no.1: Jump!
Take part in this programming activity on Scratch and programme a game where a frog has to jump in the air to avoid obstacles. You can then control the frog using the micro:bit microcontroller, which then becomes a joystick.
> 8>12 / FR-EN-NL / continuous / 50 minutes / 8 people simultaneously per workshop
> Registration required

Activity no. 2: Micro:Bit 
Discover the Micro:Bit microcontroller and its sensors which offers an infinite number of potential uses: robotics, home automation, gaming, digital arts, and more. This workshop will examine, more specifically, how to programme it to retrieve data on ambient air quality or how to use radio communication to control a robot remotely.
>12 years old /FR-EN-NL/50 minutes/six participants per workshop
> Registration required