Comic strip bookstores and pop-culture shops in Brussels

04 March 2022
Comic book shelves of the Sluberland bookshop at the Belgian Comic Strip Centre


Brussels is not only the capital of Belgium, it is also the capital of comic strips. It’s unique in the world and has the highest number of specialised comic strip bookshops per m²! Proof, if proof was needed, that the ninth art is an integral part of Belgian culture.

Like grocery shops or bakeries, you'll find a comic strip store in just about every Brussels neighbourhood. Some organise exhibitions, others hold signing sessions or sell collector's items. These specialised shops also offer a wide range of merchandise featuring heroes from Belgium and further afield. So, if you’ld like to bring home a comic book, a Funko Pop figurine or a silk-screen print to remember your stay in Brussels? Head for one of these pop culture temples. To help you find your way around, we’ve compiled the best of these shops, classified by language and by speciality.

Comic strips in every language

Comic strips can be found all over the world, and Belgium is a major exporter. Did you know that The Adventures of Tintin are read in over 100 languages? In the speciality stores below you will find comic strips in French, Dutch, English, Spanish and more. And once again: if you are looking for something special, ask the store owner beforehand.

French-speaking examples

In Belgium, the largest part of the professional comic strip sector is French-speaking (publishers, authors, etc.). Brussels bookshops, therefore, have shelves full of French-language comic strips. It’s always possible, however, to order specific works in another language.

La Boutique Tintin

Intrepid young reporter Tintin was born in Brussels. What could be more natural than to have a shop dedicated to him and the characters from his incredible adventures? The shop lies a stone's throw from the Grand-Place, where you’ll find comic books translated into countless languages, figurines, posters, games... What more could a fan want?

Tintin and Snowy Statuette

Comic Book sections in general bookshops

The capital’s general bookshops have gotten in on the act and have a section - or even a department - dedicated to the 9th art! An abundant offer, mainly in French.

Second-hand bookshops

For second-hand enthusiasts who like a bargain or want to support the circular economy, Brussels also has great locations where second-hand comics can be bought and resold at very low prices.

Geek & pop-culture

Other art forms have risen in popularity in recent times, such as Manga and American comics. These temples of pop culture specialise in Marvel, DC Comics, Disney, Studio Ghibli and Harry Potter… not to mention video games, miniatures and music!