Discover Brussels through 8 films

14 April 2022

'Black', 'Le Tout Nouveau Testament' and 'La vie d'Adèle' are just a few of the film productions that have chosen Brussels as their location. After all, our capital is now a popular film set! Do you like watching films and suddenly exclaiming 'Look! That's where we walked!'? Then we invite you to plop down in your seat with a bag of chips, and watch one of these eight cult films. Action!

Pauline en Paulette

By Lieven Debrauwer, 2001 | Starring: Dora Van Der Groen, Anne Petersen


Pauline is a 66 year old woman, with the mental age of a 7 year old. She lives with her sister Martha, but when she dies suddenly Pauline is left alone and must be taken care of by one of her two other sisters. But which one? Paulette runs a luxury goods shop and is an opera singer at the local operetta. Cécile lives in the heart of Brussels with her husband Albert. Neither of them wants to have to deal with Pauline. As a result, Pauline travels from one place to another, experiencing many things on her travels.

Filming location: the Grand Place with the flower carpet

Did you know? Some eighteen different draft versions were written before the final script was produced. Director Lieven Debrauwer wrote the role of Paulette for actress Ann Petersen, hoping that she would accept the role.

Tapis de fleurs sur la Grand-Place


By Olivier Van Hoofstadt, 2006 | Starring: François Damiens, Jérémie Renier, Marion Cotillard, Mélanie Laurent…

JC is an arrogant and preachy inveterate seducer. His best friend, Stef, is desperate for true love. JC decides to teach him how to pick up women. This quest leads them to meet colourful individuals: Claudy, a slaughterhouse manager and amateur glamour photographer; Greg, an unbearable manager; Natacha, a nymphomaniac in distress; and Nadine, a hysterical schoolteacher,...

Filming locations: Place Poelaert, Anderlecht abattoirs

Did you know?  You'll never find the famous phone box that features in the Place Poelaert scene, it never existed!


Blue is the Warmest Colour

By Abdellatif Kechiche, 2013 | Starrinig: Léa Seydoux, Adèle Exarchopoulos, Salim Kechiouche

Fifteen-year-old Adele dreams of true love and believes that a girl should meet boys. She falls for Thomas, an older boy at her school, but quickly ends the affair. Her life is turned upside down when she meets Emma, a young woman with blue hair. It is love at first sight. Faced with the judgement of others, Adèle grows, searches for herself, gets lost and finds herself...

Filming location: Boulevard Anspach

Did you know? The Pride scene was filmed live at the 2012 edition of Brussels Pride.

The brand New Testament

By Jaco Van Dormael, 2014 | Starring: Benoît Poelvoorde, Yolande Moreaux, Catherine Deneuve…

While God spends his days making people's lives hell, Ea, his daughter, wants to punish her father for his behaviour. To free humans from their fear of death, she reveals the date of death of each individual by text message and blocks God's computer, which he used to manipulate mankind. Following her brother JC's advice, she then goes in search of six new apostles to write a " Brand new Testament".

Filming locations: Port de Bruxelles, Place du Béguinage, Chaussée de Boondael

Did you know? Benoît Poelvoorde and Jaco Vandormael, for whom this was their first collaboration, are both regulars on Brussels film shoots. The actor has worked there many times since the infamous Man Bites Dog, and the director, born in Ixelles, has often filmed in the capital, ever since his first short films and first feature film Toto the Hero (1991).

Le tout nouveau Testament canal de Bruxelles


By Adil El Arbi, Bilall Fallah, 2015 | Avec : Martha Canga Antonio, Aboubakr Bensaihi, Emmanuel Tahon…

Mavela is a 15-year-old member of the Black Bronx, a well-known urban gang in the Congolese Matonge neighbourhood of Ixelles. She meets a young Moroccan boy who belongs to the rival 1080's gang from Molenbeek. The two lovers have to make difficult choices that have serious consequences.

Filming locations: Matonge - Brussels North Station, Cité Hellemans, Brigittines, rue Haute, GB City 2, rue Neuve, Gesu church

Did you know? This hard-hitting film on the youth of today benefited from a street casting that reinforces the authenticity of this Brussels take on Romeo and Juliet. Stars Adil and Bilall recently enjoyed their share of the American dream, appearing in Hollywood blockbuster, Bad Boys 4.

Racer and the Jailbird

By Michaël R. Roskam, 2016 | Starring: Matthias Schoenaerts, Adèle Exarchopoulos

When Gino meets Bénédicte, it's sheer passion. Absolute, incandescent passion. But Gino has a secret. One that puts his life and the lives of those around him in danger. So, Gino and Bénédicte have to fight against everyone, against reason and against their own flaws to stay true to their love.

Filming locations: rue des Minimes, Place Poelaert, Villa Empain, Le Frascati restaurant in Laeken, Rue Marie-Christine, avenue Prudent Bols, Place Stéphanie and Rue Capitaine Crespel, Albert Park

Did you know? The chase scene through Brussels tunnels required the coordination of numerous local official bodies to ensure the blocking of traffic and the safety of all involved.

Billy and Buddy & Billy and Buddy 2

By Alexandre Charlot, Franck Magnier / Pascal Bourdiaux, 2012 and 2017 | Starring: Frank Dubosc, Marina Foïs / Mathilde Seigner

Adaptation of the famous comic book by Jean Roba. It all starts at the dog shelter. A young cocker spaniel mopes in his cage, beleiving he'll never find the masters of his dreams. Suddenly, a little boy appears, as redheaded as he is: it's love at first sight. For Billy and Buddy, it is the beginning of a great friendship. For the parents, it means trouble! It's the start of a great family adventure!

Filming locations - 1 :

Brussels: Avenue du Forum, Rue Haute;

Ixelles: Rue Général Médecin Derache, Rue François Dons, Avenue Pierre et Marie Curie, Rue des Mélèzes;

Uccle: Rue Edouard Michiels;

Evere: Rue Franz Guillaume;

Schaerbeek: Athénée Fernand Blum, School n°13

Filming locations - 2 : Josaphat Park, the Forest National neighbourhood, Watermael-Boitsfort

Did you know? Billy's dad works for advertising company Crobard. Their head office is located in a modernist building that the inhabitants of Watermael-Boitsfort know well: the old CBR Cementeries building on Chaussée de La Hulpe.

Façade bâtiment CBR

Odette Toulemonde

By Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt, 2006 | Starring: Catherine Frot, Albert Dupontel

Odette Toulemonde has nothing to be happy about, but still she smiles. Balthazar Balsan has everything to be happy but is miserable. By day, Odette, a clumsy forty-something with two children, works in the cosmetics department of a department store and at night she sews feathers on costumes for Parisian magazines. She dreams of thanking Balthazar Balsan, her favourite author, to whom - she thinks - she owes her optimism. Unexpectedly, the rich and seductive Parisian writer enters her life. It's the story of the comical and whimsical meeting of two atypical people who are complete opposites...

Filming locations: Mont des Arts, The Royal Saint-Hubert galleries, Métropole, Mary Magdalene Chapel

Did you know? 

The heroine walks through many emblematic places in our capital, such as the Royal Saint-Hubert Galleries and the Métropole Hotel. These architectural treasures are often used in the cinema, and have hosted, among others, Libre Echange (2011) starring Carole Bouquet, My Way (2012) starring Jérémie Renier, The Fifth Estate (2013) starring Benedict Cumberbatch and The Danish Girl (2015) starring Eddie Redmayne.

Façade église de la Madeleine