Herbalists taking root in Brussels: here are the top addresses!

27 April 2022


Want to look after yourself? Pay a visit to Brussels' herbalist shops and strengthen your immune system or take advantage of Mother Nature's healing powers.

Do you swear by a tasty herbal tea when you have a cold? Do you use essential oils to remedy various ailments? If so, you’re not alone! Nature is booming. Even though herbalism has been around for centuries, more and more people are currently rediscovering the gentle but efficient benefits of plants and herbs. The icing on the cake? Most of these establishments offer original workshops!

L’Herboristerie de Louise

Louise bids you welcome. Another woman with spunk! She can provide you with scientific advice and a solid helping of joie de vivre in her charming store near the town hall of Saint-Gilles. She has a cure for every ailment and uses nothing but the finest and most sustainable products. Curious to know more? Louise loves books, so her store also offers a nice selection of herbalism literature.

Entrance to the shop L'Herboristerie de Louise

Herboristerie Moderne

Herboristerie Moderne can be found next to the church of Notre-Dame de Bon Secours (Our Lady of Consolation in English) in the vibrant Saint Jacques district. Coincidence? Certainly not, because this place is all about consolation. Maité, the kind shopkeeper, will guide you through her impressive range of (herbal) tea varieties, fragrant spices, essential oils, incense, organic cosmetic products, aromatic and medicinal herbs, you name it. Fun fact: This house was already a herbalist shop back in 1905.

Façade of the Herboristerie Moderne

Herboristerie Sanjivani

Herboristerie Sanjivani, close to Place Dailly in Schaerbeek, is a traditional store that specialises in Ayurveda. That’s a lot of complicated words for one sentence, but don’t worry. Ayurveda is an ancient Hindu medicinal science and way of life and Sanjivani means “plant that gives life” in Sanskrit. Owner Bénédicte Penna will gladly offer you more details. This fascinating place is also perfect if you’re looking for a state-of-the-art therapeutic massage.

Végétalement Vôtre

Végétalement Vôtre, a small Molenbeek-based boutique, is the home of Assya Garcez and was founded in 2015. She is a genuine Renaissance woman, specialised in aroma therapy, hydrolatherapy, gemmotherapy, mycotherapy, carbonic acid therapy, apitherapy, nutritherapy and obviously also phytotherapy. Assaya teaches you how to achieve a healthy and balanced life by means of natural methods and treatments. She combines ancient herbal traditions with Islamic texts. We bet you’ll be hooked instantly!

Counter and products available at Végétalement Vôtre

La Boîte à Mélisse

As its name suggests, La Boîte à Mélisse is a real box of tricks! A former pharmacist with a degree in medical biology, Marc has always had a passion for the medicinal power of plants. After training as a herbalist, he opened his own shop in Saint-Gilles 10 years ago, which focused primarily on food supplements. This unique expertise has guaranteed the shop regular visits from its loyal customer base.

La Boîte à Mélisse shop window


Desmecht is a Brussels herbalist institution. For three generations, this family business located on Place Saint Catherine has prided itself on helping locals and visitors with plants. Hugo Desmecht, the son of the founder, was apparently the first Belgian herbalist. However, the years in which he and his father sold homemade potions in old water bottles are well behind us. Today, the store has a team of certified herbalists and aroma and nutritional therapists on hand to offer you a tailor-made natural solution.