Original concepts

Good Beer & Spa
The Belgians did not invent this new spa treatment, but they could have. Yes, beer baths are all the rage in the capital. Good Beer & Spa offers you 45 minutes of pure relaxation in hoppy water while you drink as much beer as you like (in moderation, of course). Life is good! 

4 peoples drinking beer at Good Beer & Spa

Bath & Barley
Bath & Barley is also building on the success of the beer baths, a unique treatment with numerous benefits. Hops, barley and yeast nourish and purify the skin in depth, while soothing your spirit. A sauna and straw beds are available to enhance this timeless experience. 

Sea of clouds
Who hasn't dreamed of escaping the world and the hustle and bustle? This is quite literally what Sea of Clouds offers with its floating bubbles. Relaxing in a weightless private cocoon allows you to meditate in depth, clear your mind and recover physically. You can also rent a private bubble for two and customise your own floatation space. 

Room with green light at Sea of Clouds

Bulles à flotter
Les Bulles à flotter also offers a sensory isolation experience in a capsule in the heart of Brussels. Enjoy 1 hour of total disconnection in water saturated with Epsom salt, known for its therapeutic properties (5 times the concentration of the salt in the Dead Sea). Your senses are put to rest and your muscles are totally relaxed. 

Woman floating on a bubble at Bulles à Flotter