Art Nouveau in Brussels: a year of unmissable events

10 June 2022
hotel hannon Art nouveau Brussels

Do you dream of curves and counter-curves? In Brussels, the capital of Art Nouveau, every street corner houses magnificent facades behind which often hide dream interiors. Exceptional guided tours and architectural itineraries, annual festivals to discover unique sites, interdisciplinary events based on Art Nouveau: let your curiosity be your guide and discover Brussels' architectural heritage through the year's unmissable events! 

Brussels’ annual Art Nouveau events

Extraordinary discoveries with BANAD Festival

Art nouveau Brussel BANAD Festival

Who hasn't dreamt of discovering the interiors that hide behind the capital's majestic Art Nouveau and Art Deco facades? Every year, the Brussels Art Nouveau & Art Deco Festival  has more than a few surprises in store... This year, it's opening the doors to extraordinary new sites, such as the Villa Beausite, with its incredible loggia, or the Art Deco Ramaekers building in Saint-Gilles. For three weekends, enjoy a wonderful journey back in time, full of anecdotes! In addition to the visits, the programme also abounds with off-site activities, workshops for kids and conferences that highlight the richness of Brussels' architectural heritage. In short, you can look forward to a week of visits and discoveries of extremely rare places that are full of stories!  

When? March

Where? Several locations in Brussels  

Revisit the classics with ARTONOV 

Art nouveau Brussel Artonov Festival

Want to discover Art Nouveau and Art Deco off the beaten track and with a modern twist? That's what the ARTONOV festival offers its visitors. For this 6th edition, dance, performances and concerts will be hosted in a handful of varied venues such as Saint Cyr House (an Art Nouveau gem), L’Hectolitre (an atypical site) or Solvay Library, with its eclectic beauty. Whether it’s musical walks to the sound of a portable medieval organ; underground dance to the sound of EDM or jazz improvisation under the marble mosaics of the Solvay Library, each edition will present interdisciplinary creations around a chosen theme.

When? October

Where? Several locations in Brussels