Brussels’ most extraordinary museums

18 January 2022

Did you know that Brussels is home to more than a hundred museums? Does the thought of having to choose between them give you a headache? What if, to change things up a bit, you treated yourself to a visit of a with an original or even unusual atmosphere? This is your chance to make some new discoveries in some fascinating locations, with subjects as varied as beer, the city's sewage system, the life of a poet or the secrets of banknote making! Join us and discover these extraordinary museums and their original universes!

Scharbeek Beer Museum

Feeling thirsty? Visit the Schaerbeek beer museum! Located in the workshop of a former school and surrounded by a beautiful garden, this museum’s didactic tour highlights one of the most typical products of Brussels. In a breathtaking vintage decor, discover bottles and glasses (including some exceptionally unique items), signs and other advertising items, and don't forget to visit the old tavern where you can sample the local hoppy beverage.

beer museum schaerbeek interior brussels

Maurice Carême Museum

Do you want to enchant the world with a little poetry? The Maurice Carême Museum does much more than simply tell the story of the poet's life and work; it takes us to the heart of his universe. The "white house" that is home to the museum and which has remained untouched since his death (1978), has an inimitable look and feel. In the rooms it is easy to imagine the poet sitting at his desk in the company of his faithful companions: his parrot Coco and his cat Youppi! 

Museum of the National Bank of Belgium

Have you ever dreamt of robbing a bank but never dared? If so, now’s the time to seize your chance by buying a ticket for the National Bank of Belgium. Housed in a magnificent 19th century building (look up to admire its impressive glass roof and colonnades!), you will learn everything you ever wanted to know about the issuing of coins and banknotes and the level of inflation, but also about the evolution of payment methods or the place of money in our daily lives. 

National Bank of Belgium museum Brussels

Museum of Medicine

The Museum of Medicine is intended for anyone who is passionate or simply curious about medicine and medical ideas in art, history and literature, from antiquity to the present day. African healing amulets, anatomical waxes, texts and graphic documents on the history of surgery are part of the museum's rich collections. The museum is able to render its objects in fascinating X-rays, revealing the secrets of their composition, such as "L'Ecorché by Dr. Auzoux", a true masterpiece of the museum!

museum medicine collections Brussels

War Heritage Institute

With 18th century swords, armour, World War II tanks and fighter jets, the War Heritage Institute is a treasure trove located in Cinquantenaire Park. Centred around Belgian heritage and armed conflicts, the museum teleports you, right into the control room of a German submarine, inside a bunker or in the turret of an American bomber. Its impressive hall dedicated to the history of aviation is a unique venue in Brussels that will surely give you wings! 

Sewer Museum

The sewer system of a big city might not be your first choice when choosing something to visit... but when you think about it, the idea of getting lost in this underground labyrinth makes you tingle with excitement. And calling it a labyrinth is an understatement! Brussels, currently has 350km of mazing underground tunnels, which collect both rainwater and waste water. An overview of the network, explanations of its history and the work of the people who maintain it, the water cycle, etc.: these are just some of the themes that await you at the Sewer Museum!

museum sewer interior nocturnes des musées Brussels

MOMUSE - Molenbeek History Museum

A showcase for the history and unique heritage of the commune of Molenbeek-Saint-Jean -Sint-Jans-Molenbeek, MOMUSE is a small and unique museum. Sometimes referred to as the "Belgian Manchester", Molenbeek is a small area of 6km² that has undergone many changes and has its roots in the industrialisation of the Brussels-Capital Region. In this context, MOMUSE not only offers a journey through the history of the commune but also asserts itself as a place of exchange and dialogue, meeting the men and women who live there.