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Micro dance, mega emotions! With this micro-festival, LE 140 gives carte blanche and offers three dance snapshots. Each show is governed by a few astonishing creative principles: the performance cannot exceed 20 minutes, props and sets are only allowed if they fit in a suitcase and the show cannot have more than three participants.

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Brussels, dance !

Brussels Dance confirms the status of Brussels as a "city of dance" by involving more than 15 cultural venues that coordinate their programmes around different original themes (dance to listen to, dance that makes us laugh, etc.). It is an opportunity to discover the capital’s stages that host the wealth and diversity of the region's choreographers all year round.

Every other year
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LEGS Festival!

Run as fast as you can to the LEGS Festival! This annual festival at La Raffinerie focuses on memory. With a mix of young creators and established choreographers, it goes back over the history of dance and questions its legacies. Expect to come across some great myths (such as Swan Lake) and approach folklore and popular traditions in a new light.

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D Festival and Mini-D Festival

Mixing new creations and revivals, the D Festival programme is dedicated primarily to contemporary dance. Supported by three Brussels institutions, the Marni, the Théâtre des Tanneurs, and the Senghor, its aim is to be generous, unifying, singular and universal. Its little brother, the Mini-D Festival, presents a series of shows for young audiences.

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Trouble sees a lot more than double with a series of extraordinary artistic proposals. It offers a wonderful selection of original formats, which range from contemporary dance to experimental theatre, spoken word poetry and music. Based in part at Studio Thor, Trouble takes place in all four corners of the commune of Saint-Josse.

Every other year
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Bâtard Festival

With its inimitable name, the Bâtard Festival is a genuine outsider! It’s proud of its adventurous, daring and experimental spirit and has been boosting emerging local and international artists for nearly 20 years. This festival embodies the artistic boldness and love of experimentation that is typical of Brussels, in the vibrant world of the Beursschouwburg.

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Dance Day

Have you ever seen an improvised dance performance in a metro station? Or urban choreography that uses the street as a backdrop? Dance Day is punctuated by performances from dancers from all disciplines, with plenty of activities to get people moving!

To mark International Dance Day on 29 April - More information 


Multilingual, nomadic, urban and open to artists from all over the world, the Kunstenfestivaldesarts has been combining audacity and creation for more than 25 years. Dedicated to the performing arts in all their forms (theatre, dance, performance), this pioneering festival offers new creations in more than 25 venues and public spaces in Brussels and its surrounding area.

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International Festival Les Brigittines

International Festival Les Brigittines is the must-attend event in Brussels for lovers of scenic adventures. Every year, it sets our pulses racing throughout August with its unique and unusual selection of shows that open up the imagination at the crossroads of dance, theatre and visual arts.

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