Robin Froeliger

Saint-Gilles. Nénu is a family affair and a nod to its bigger brother, Le Nénuphar, a Vietnamese restaurant opened in 1982 in Woluwé-Saint-Lambert by Ant-tu Pham's father, who now manages both restaurants. At Nénu you'll discover the convivial concept of 'anh nhau', deeply rooted in Vietnamese culture, which consists of drinking and eating with friends and putting the dishes down on the table for everyone helps themselves. Nénu, however, pushes the limits of greediness a little further. While staying true to Vietnamese flavours, they dare to offer a handful of extraordinary recipes that showcase beautiful produce and lead us off on an intense umami experience of the beaten track…

Menu: Lamb "wonton" ravioli, smoked eel and chilli oil
Allergens: eggs, fish, shellfish, sesame, soy, gluten