10 original guided tours for discovering Brussels

17 March 2022
Street art guided tour led by Fais le Trottoir - Customised pedestrian crossing by OAKOAK


The Grand-Place, the Manneken-Pis, the Royal Palace… Have you already visited all the classic? Then it is time to explore Brussels’ original sites. Follow the guides.

1. In the footsteps of a Brussels resident: Brussels Greeters

Greeters are passionate Brussels residents who act as volunteer guides to help people experience the city like a local. They offer visits adapted to your interests, on foot or by bike, in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. They are perfect for finding the addresses and maps it would have been almost impossible to find in a tourist guide. 
Greeters (In 12 languages)

Crossing the Bois de la Cambre lake

2. From street art to the battles that created Brussels...

Original visits devised by a fan of the city - this is the concept behind Brussels By Foot, which offers six walks based around themes as varied as the Brussels inhabitants who influenced their era, metro art and even crime scenes! They are perfect for getting off the beaten path.
Brussels By Foot (In French, Dutch, English and Spanish)

3. In the saddle every weekend!

The cycling tours organised by non-profit Pro Velo cover 10 to 20km and travel through every commune of the Brussels-Capital Region. They’re an opportunity to discover Brussels through its history, culture, parks and gastronomy, as well as the artistic trends that run through it. The visits available take in Art Deco, Modernism, Art Nouveau, Street Art and much more. Saturdays and Sundays from March to December.
Pro Velo (In French, Dutch and English, depending on the walk)

Guided bike tour by Pro Velo

4. The secret world of breweries

It's difficult to visit Brussels and avoid its famous beers, which have made the city and the country famous around the world. Beer Secret invites you to dive into the age-old world of brewing, with a choice of two visits: a trip to a brewery, including the secrets of beer-making, or a tasting itinerary. This is perfect for connoisseurs wanting to discover Brussels specialities, and especially for beer-lovers who like to discover the culture and tastes of traditional local beers. Visits mainly take place in small groups to make them as personalised as possible.
Beer Secret (In Dutch, French and English)

Guided tour organised by Beer Secret

5. Brussels while running

Exploring the city while keeping in shape is the winning combination offered by City Runs. You can choose from 17 themed routes, depending on the commune or your interests; they can be in groups, solo or running. And don't worry if you're not up to a marathon, as the guides will adapt to the pace of each participant.
City Runs (In French, Dutch, English, Spanish, Italian, Polish and Greek, depending on the route)

Guided running tour via the Royal Park

6. The great Brussels Bazaar

As its name indicates, Bazaar Trottoir (Pavement Bazaar) reveals the city from its most popular feature - its pavements. This common thread unfolds through private and signposted walks by theme (girl power, sustainable Brussels, street art, singles-only walks, etc.) or by district. There’s a wide choice, not necessarily available all the time. Check out the calendar available in Dutch to see the next featured themes.
Bazaar Trottoir (In Dutch, French and English)

7. Brussels from underground

One of the eclectic range of visits offered by Klare Lijn, "Art in the Metro" takes you underground in the city to discover the STIB inter-urban network, considered one of the most artistic in the world. A visit for discovering art, as well as the history that unfurls along with the stations, presenting the Brussels metro as an intimate, artistic journal of the city.
Klare Lijn (In French, Dutch, English and German)

Art piece in a metro station

8. Eco-fashion tours

The sustainable fashion scene has exploded in recent years, and Brussels is no exception. B.Right is offering Sustainable Fashion Tours to showcase these new designers. After a welcome with tea or coffee and sweet treats, and an inspiring introduction to the world of sustainable fashion, this visit sets off to meet the designers who are advocating slow fashion. It is an opportunity to discover different and innovative concepts.
B.Right (In Dutch and English)

9. Pluriform Brussels

While Brussels’ cosmopolitan character is undisputed, it is still fascinating to explore. It was with this idea of pluriculturalism in mind that Alter Brussels was founded. Its different visits allow people to discover the many faces of the city, the mix of cultures that created its districts and feeds its population.
Alter Brussels (In Dutch, French and English)

10. A visit to the farm?

Located on the rooftops of Anderlecht’s popular abattoir district, the BIGH suspended farm grows its own vegetables and herbs and even breeds salmon trout. These products can be found in some of the city's shops. It’s a green paradise of greenhouses and open gardens with an incredible city view. Different visits are available.
BIGH (In French, Dutch, English and German)