Brussels in your pocket: tourist guides in app mode!

23 March 2022
View from the top of the Cathedral of Saints Michael and Gudula


Interactive, fun and adapted to your needs, apps are the new tourist guides and show you the best way to discover Brussels and its region. 

This list of apps is for you, whether you prefer green spaces, museums, audio-guided walks or finding the most instagrammable spots!


be walking A list of all the routes and short-cuts in Brussels, aimed at pedestrians. This veritable pocket atlas plans your journey, from the fastest route, if you’re in a hurry, to the most enjoyable if you fancy taking a stroll. As a bonus, the app offers a range of points of interest: drinking water fountains, the city's oldest trees, Villo stations, public toilets and the most breathtaking views of Brussels.  
Google Play

Brussels Gardens. With more than 8,000 hectares covering 18% of its surface area, Brussels is home to a vast paradise of green spaces, public parks, woods and other peaceful and discreet little gardens. Brussels Gardens will help you find the perfect natural spot. There is currently just one web version of the app available, but a mobile version is being developed.

People walking on the Green Walk

Traditional and interactive visits

The Heritage App. From the BELvue museum to Train World and a range of different exhibitions, the Heritage App enhances your cultural walks with additional information on the places you visit and the works you see, and even offers fun games for children, teenagers and adults.  
App Store & Google Play

Spotted by locals. The perfect app for discovering places tested, approved and frequented by Brussels locals. A collection of addresses and maps away from the usual tourist spots. Free location preview, full access costs just €3.99.  
App Store & Google Play This app originally suggested one attraction to discover per day, but now also (and most importantly) allows users to locate a museum, exhibition or garden according to their desires and location. It's a great idea for a full app that is very easy to use.  
App Store & Google Play

Oh My Guide. Offers two formulas that allow users to discover the city from three different angles: tourist visit, fun exploration and interaction with the environment. Visits for two or more people using the 100% digital "App" version, or in hybrid "Mapp" mode, which uses a paper tourism map (with friends or with the family, from ages 12-14). From €9 to €33. A free version is available for visiting the Atomium (  
App Store & Google Play 

Behind Brussels. This app uses augmented reality to offer a stunning visit of the most beautiful square on earth. It’s a unique opportunity for a simple, fun visit to what is hidden behind the luxurious facades of the Grand-Place. 
App Store & Google Play 

Street Art Cities. As its name indicates, this website, and its app, list the many street art works that can be found on the city's walls using a map that allows users to either plan their route or wander around as they like.  
App Store & Google Play 

izi.TRAVEL. With museum visits, family walks in gardens, explorations of historic Brussels or jogging discoveries, the free izi.TRAVEL app offers tours and visits around the city, together with audio guides in different languages. 
App store & Google Play 

EPexplorer. Discover the European Parliament! This app offers a one-hour guided tour that explores not only the buildings but also the historical figures of Europe, whose names live on within the parliament. As a bonus, the app also looks at the history of the area where the European Parliament was built. 
App Store & Google Play

SmartGuide. SmartGuide is a digital guide offering independent and audio-guided visits that are free of charge and available offline. Featuring tourist sites, fun activities, authentic experiences and hidden treasure, the app aims to be as complete as possible and is a must for the pockets of all roaming tourists. 
App Store & Google Play

Instagrammable Brussels

SPotR. Essential for everyone who loves memorable photos. SPotR lists the city's most beautiful spots for your professional or amateur photoshoots. Listing staircases, indoor spots, architecture, car parks, alleys, gardens and monuments, it’s a veritable encyclopaedia of the best places to visit. So take your camera and snap some photos for yourself or to share with friends and all your followers. 
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