Brussels’ most beautiful toyshops

18 November 2022
Inside the pretty Colibri Kidstore


Are you looking to spoil your little ones with an original gift from somewhere other than the typical toyshops? Good news: Brussels is full of beautiful boutiques where you can find sustainable, ethical and often educational games and toys for children of all ages.

Any excuse to put a smile on their face: a good school report, Saint Nicholas Day, Christmas, a birthday... And what could be more delightful than revisiting your childhood and getting lost in toyshops? Discover some of our favourite toyshops, most of which offer European-made and sustainable toys.


Fox & Cie

Fox & Cie is a large toy shop with a beautiful selection for young children. You’ll find quality toys from both known and lesser-known brands.


Sajou is a veritable treasure trove of board games, beautiful toys and creative activities for children. It's impossible to leave without finding a game that the whole family will love!

Cuddly toys available at Sajou

À Vos Souhaits

À Vos Souhaits is a shop for and by toy lovers. Their selection has been chosen with great care and contains ethically responsible toys made of ecological wood, craft materials and many other toys.

Oliwood Toys

Oliwood Toys offers a wide range of cute items for toddlers, as well as handicrafts, dolls, building toys, costumes and everything you need for playing outdoors: from balls to scooters.

Colibri Kidstore

The beautiful Colibri Kidstore has everything for parents who prefer an environmentally friendly approach and sustainable toys. You'll find products made in Europe with organic, recycled, ethical and local materials.

Inside the Colibri Kidstore


In addition to children's books, the English-language bookshop Waterstones has a whole heap of great gift ideas, ranging from cuddly toys from the Winnie the Pooh stories to board games for the whole family. They also sell Christmas crackers, fudge, pudding and lots of other delicious treats to give your Christmas a British flavour.


Woodee is a popular address in Schaerbeek! They have a diverse and extensive range of toys to suit all tastes.


At Kinkajou, you'll find trendy brands and a wonderful selection of backpacks, games, water bottles, sandwich boxes, and so on. You'll also find beautiful cuddly toys for your little ones.

The Grasshopper

It’s impossible to leave The Grasshopper empty-handed. They have over 7,000 items over two floors! From cuddly toys to wooden toys, classics and board games, there’s something for all ages. A far cry from the big chains, this charming shop offers a selection of original toys that will have you feeling nostalgic for your childhood.

Looking for a board game?

Looking for a gift to bring the whole family together? There's nothing quite like a family games night on a cold, wet winter's evening. For a wide range of board games for young and old, look no further than Outpost Brussels.

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