Children's bookshops in Brussels

17 November 2022
The children's section of the Cook & Book shop


Whether for bookworms or kids who have trouble putting down their tablet, these bookshops focus on children's books and cater to all types of audiences. Fiction, encyclopaedias, learning to read, pop-ups, baby books, comics, manga... These shops will satisfy the need for adventure, knowledge or experience of even the most reluctant kids. Push open their doors and let the books work their magic.


This is obviously THE meeting place for all English-speakers living in Brussels. Head to the city centre, between Rogier and De Brouckère, to visit one of the famous English bookshop's few addresses outside the UK. Head upstairs to find the children's section, which offers a selection of books for children and teenagers. Manga fans will find plenty to keep them busy. Waterstones also sells a selection of games and magazines. 


The impressive Filigranes bookshop needs no introduction. Among the maze of sections, the children's shelves offer a huge selection of books for all ages, including comic books, as well as board games, toys and creative leisure materials. The international literature section includes children's books in English.

The book stalls of the Filigranes bookshop


This pretty bookshop nestled in the Royal Galleries has reserved its mezzanine for young audiences. Their "English-language" section offers novels for teenagers as well as the entire Tintin collection.

Cook & Book

A classic among Brussels bookshops, Cook & Book also has a generous English-language section. The site, which also houses a restaurant, is famous for its impressive decoration; don't miss the "very British" section, which is cosy, classy, intimate and dotted with objects featuring Union Jacks. The English-speaking section devotes part of its area to children's literature. 

The English section of Cook & Book


Amidst its extensive multilingual selection (with a focus on French, English and Dutch), Librebook reserves a small space for kids. The books available in English are for children of all ages. The bookshop sometimes organises workshops or meetings with authors. 

Treasure Trove

If you haven't found what you're looking for, there's still one option left at the region's border: Treasure Trove is located in Tervuren and entirely dedicated to the English-speaking world. Kids are well catered for in their selection of works. As a bonus, the bookstore offers workshops for children.