Our selection of comic strips about Brussels

20 September 2022
Drawing of the Atomium by François Schuiten


In addition to being the capital of Belgium and the European Union, Brussels is also the capital of the comic strip! Many Brussels authors have made contributions to the development of the ninth art.

We think one of the best ways to get a flavour of the atmosphere in Brussels is through comic books. Numerous albums have been published in Brussels, featuring a number of emblematic places and portraying a number of themes specific to the city. They're a fun and appealing way to get to know the city better!  

Spirou & Fantasio

Hope against all odds

This great saga (4 volumes and a total of 330 pages!) evokes the context of the Second World War in Brussels, seen through the prism of the two famous heroes Spirou and Fantasio.  

Fantasio enlists in the Belgian army, while Spirou continues to work as a bellboy and tries to live as normally as possible. Each of them embarks on their own quest for answers and meaning. Fantasio seeks to serve his country as heroically as possible. Spirou, on the other hand, tries to understand the complexity of the situation through encounters and tries to make himself useful by staying true to his values. This series is like a genuine novel, mixing action, humour, historical truths and philosophical reflections. 

Émile Bravo – Europe Comics – 2017


Belgian Rhapsody

This, the eleventh volume of the detective series, was awarded Brussels' Atomium Prize in 2020. The prize, awarded during the Comic Book Festival, rewards an author who has, through his or her work, shone the spotlight on Brussels.

The story revolves around compromising documents being hidden in Belgium... The hero is based in the Belgian capital, but the atmosphere refers to the city's highly charged diplomatic character. The book faithfully depicts many places and sites in Brussels, with such precision that even the placement of white street markings was calculated to be as accurate as possible!

Legrain & Benec – Éditions Le Lombard – 2020

Cities of the Fantastic


Brüsel is part of the Cities of the Fantastic series of comics that focuses on urban environments in a fantasy style. Although the city in this comic is clearly the Belgian capital, the intention is to wipe the slate clean and build a new city. It's a new, original and radical vision. 

François Schuiten & Benoît Peeters – Éditions Casterman – 1992

Quick & Flupke

Fasten Your Seat Belts

What better way to evoke Brussels than by reading an adventure of Quick and Flupke, the two children whose mischievous daily lives take place in the typically Brussels neighbourhood of Les Marolles?

The story is made up of gags and pranks played by the two heroes, mostly in the street or at school. They also love to taunt the local policeman, Officer 15. The author is none other than Hergé, the father of Tintin! The comic is an excellent way to immerse yourself in this charming and authentic Brussels neighbourhood! 

Hergé – Egmont UK Ltd – 1991


The Secret of the Unicorn

Finally, a great classic of Belgian comics, a Tintin adventure! The story takes place entirely in and around Brussels and is the first comic in which the hero doesn't go abroad. If the places mentioned are not always recognisable, there is one that is unmistakable: place du Jeu de Balle, where Tintin meets Thomson and Thompson and buys the model of a boat.

The comic captures the authentic atmosphere of Brussels beautifully!

Hergé – Egmont UK Ltd – 1943