Top 9 escape rooms in Brussels

Drawing of "Black Sad" in the Escape Prod escape game

Are you looking for an experience that is both fun and educational? Forget go-karting and laser games; instead you will be shut into a room and, to get out, you'll need to find clues and solve enigmas within the allotted time. Team spirit, concentration and agility will help you to accomplish your mission. Step into the shoes of a hero from literature or science fiction, or learn more about Brussels with escape games that integrate the history of the Belgian capital into their puzzles.

Indoors or outdoors
In the city centre, go to Escape Prod, where three different indoor missions await you. But that’s not all! To provide some variety, they are developing a game in the capital's streets that leads you on the trail of Manneken-Pis. This is a different way to discover Brussels, equipped with a bag full of strange objects and mysteries to be solved. 

Escape game rocket Escape Prod

Invade the Japanese Tower
Escape Hunt takes you to all four corners of a bygone Brussels, with a range of adventures connected to the city's heritage. Step into the shoes of a famous detective and solve enigmas inspired by the history of the capital: find the clues and complete your mission before your time runs out. You have 60 minutes! Choose a theme and have an adventure that will challenge all your skills: find the artefacts of the Japanese Tower that its architect - furious to see his masterpiece turned into a museum - has hidden; halt the spread of a mysterious plant in the capital or find the lair of the Manneken-Pis thief and return the statuette to the City of Brussels.

English Escape Game Show Escape Hunt

Find the Manneken-Pis
Get to know Brussels’ most famous little boy as you play at being a detective at Escape The Room in 60 minutes. Enter the private life of the city's symbolic figure, Manneken Pis! This puzzle tests your intellectual agility in a typically Belgian atmosphere: kind and welcoming. Your mission is simple, to find the young hero hidden in his messy room.

Escape Room - Escape the room in 60 minutes

Save the world from an imminent threat
At Escape Rush, you're locked in a 100m² escape room, where you complete a mission given to you by Lord Ravenswood, a philanthropist who has dedicated his life to protecting our world from both internal and external threats. In an immersive setting, prevent the threat from materialising and help him to neutralise the crises facing us.

Escape game "Tokyo Lab"

Dive into literature
Enygma transports players into some of the most famous adventure stories in literature. 
In Belgium's largest escape room, solve the case in an interactive theatrical setting. Discover mysteries and reveal secrets in a Machiavellian world. Choose a theme and experience your adventure as a group: hunt down Sherlock Holmes' worst enemy, follow in the footsteps of an adventurer who has disappeared in the heart of a Mayan temple, or prevent a secret organisation from taking over Captain Nemo's famous submarine, the Nautilus. 

Enygma English escape room

Give yourself a fright 
Create your team of investigators and unravel the secrets of Get Out Bruxelles. Try to escape from pirates and recover what they have stolen, or, for more courageous players wanting to feel fear, try the first Escape Room reserved for players aged over 16! Find the clues hidden in the room in order to win. And if you are having problems… External assistance will be provided by a game master who is spying on your every move! 

Royal Salon of the escape game 'Get Out

Labyrinthine scenario
Not far from the Royal District, Let Me Out offers four completely different atmospheres. You can find yourself stuck on board a ship, in Wonderland, in prison or in a hotel room with one sole aim. To escape! Get your crew back onto dry land, prove your innocence or determine the identity of a murderer. Do whatever you have to do to succeed!

Kitchen of the escape game "Let me out

Special Agent Mission
Koezio is the perfect place for a break during your afternoon shopping at Docks Bruxsel. Become an elite agent in charge of a special mission that will take you on a journey strewn with obstacles. Experience two hours of physical and intellectual test. There's no need to be sporty or top of your class; what counts here is team spirit.

As well as being a benchmark for Escape Rooms, Koezio allows you to try five minutes of virtual reality. Your mission is to find your way out of the labyrinth in your favourite video game. 

3 people playing in the balls during the Koezio escape game